Amazing Race 22: Recap “Like James Bond Again,” Ep 3

By | March 5, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                     Twin Doctors               
Max & Katie                      Newlyweds           
Mona & Beth                     Roller Derby Moms                
Bates & Anthony               Hockey Brothers           
Chuck & Wynona              Married               
David & Connor                 Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer            Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan                 Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie              Best Friends                   
Jessica & John                  Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel             Best Friends/Firefighters
*Eliminated                       Race to be Continued

Recap Prior Episodes:

Episode 1: Teams fly from Los Angeles to Bora Bora.  Jessica and John, win an express pass and an opportunity to give an express pass to another team.

Anthony and Bates Battaglia are the grandsons of Sam Battaglia, a former member of the Chicago mob – and hockey players.

The first roadblock involves skydiving. Anthony sky dives while Bates rides in the water taxi. The next roadblock involves searching for the next clue through hundreds of sand castles. The Battaglia brothers arrive in 6th place and leave in 2nd place and go on to the next destination. The teams must now assemble a Polynesian Outrigger and sail to the pit stop. Bates and Anthony arrive as Team number 2.

Episode 2: Jessica and John depart first to look for a wedding chapel to receive the blessing of the priest. The quote of the episode is made by this couple.

Bates and Anthony do not seem to be forming bonds with any of the other teams. Hopefully this won’t put a target on their back.

In Detour A racers, (Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony) must retrieve two red pearls from an underwater pearl farm before receiving the next clue.  In Detour B the racers have to dive and locate a treasure trunk where they have to set up an underwater picnic.

Teams must now take a water craft to the island of Motu Tapu to get their next clue. Joey & Meghan finish first. Bates and Anthony are surprised on how quickly Joey finished the last task and are giving them the evil eye.

Road Block: teams must balance on traditional Polynesian sparring stilts and kick a coconut across a beach in order to receive the next clue. Anthony does this challenge and thinks that his balancing skills will help his crew into the lead position.

Connor and Anthony finish the challenge at the same time and David hurts his foot.  This makes Bates and Anthony Team number one and capo di tutti capi. Connor and David are Team number two. The twins have to be rescued from the water.
Idries & Jamil are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated.

Asked of Anthony Bates :
What country and place would you most like to visit and why?
Italy, because it is so beautiful and my grandparents are from there.
The grandfather would be Sam Battaglia, the former mob boss of Chicago.

Anthony Battaglia takes another opportunity to show us his missing teeth. Ironically, his grandfather’s nickname, ‘Teets’, supposedly comes from the fact that Sam Battaglia, a former member of the Chicago mob, allegedly threatened to knock out people’s ‘teets’.

In Episode 3:  

Dave starts out with a severely pulled muscle and is advised to see a specialist.  Both David and Connor are cancer survivors.

Bates and Anthony depart first, and have to travel to Christchurch, NZ, by way of Paptete, Tahiti.  John tries to ruffle the Battaglia Brothers by saying that they may be on an earlier flight than the brothers are. Jessica and John are now enemies of the Hockey players.  Jessica and John have kept their word and have given the express pass to David and Connor, knowing that they won’t be able to use it. Dave cannot put pressure on his foot and must walk on crutches at all times.

Jessica and John are plotting with others against the Battaglia Brothers.  The original alliance is going to try and get the brothers eliminated.

In Detour Jet, racers are jet boating on the Rakaia River.
Caroline and Jennifer seem to feel comfortable with Anthony and Bates and they have formed an alliance. Dave and Connor are currently in the lead. Bates and Anthony are currently in 8th place.

The Hockey players make their way to the detour of their choice “Rev It Up” or “Reel It In” – They either have to run a course in under 83 seconds or catch a fish. The hockey brothers do Rev It Up, but Connor and Dave cannot because Dave cannot drive a clutch with a huge boot which has been fitted for his injury.  Dave and Connor use the express pass. John and Jessica are in 2nd place at this point. Bates and Anthony are in 5th place, Caroline and Jennifer in 7th place. Bates and Anthony have to be aware of the other racers – soldiers of John and Jessica who are gunning for them, and while Caroline and Jennifer have the hockey players’ backs they aren’t enough muscle to defeat Jessica and John and their underlings.

In the next Road Block, Racers must participate in a Shemozzle Race which requires one team member to dress as a Kiwi sheperd and run through a wild obstacle course which includes molasses and feathers and then collect eggs. Once they deliver all their unbroken eggs to the finish line, they will receive the next clue: Anthony Battaglia does this road block. Dave and Connor are in 1st place at this point. Bates and Anthony are in 8th place.

At the Pit Stop, Team number 1 is Dave and Connor and they win a trip to Thailand.While checking in at the Pit Stop in Christchurch, New Zealand, they find that the race is still going.  No Eliminations.  Race TBC.

The question is, will Dave and Connor continue the race…

What would a good old fashioned race be without racing odds?

You don’t have to be a loan shark like Sam Battaglia, a numbers guy or a mark to make a friendly bet.

This is how I’m calling it for the 4th leg of the Race – the continuation of the Third Leg:

Max & Katie                  Newlyweds                                  10-1
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms                        4-1
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers                            5-1
Chuck & Wynona          Married                                        12-1
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors          20-1
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                  9-1
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts                 12-1
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                                 25-1  
Jessica & John              Dating                                           5-1

Written By: Cousin Vinny