American Horror Story: Asylum – Madness Ends

By | February 1, 2013

Season 2 went out with a bang, but first, some season 3 updates.  Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe are all set to return, as well as Taissa Farminga, and it will include another pair of starcrossed teenage angsty lovers.  Oh joy.  It will also center on Lange.  And what else is new?

Madness Ends takes place in 2013, with Lana as a Barbara Walters type, and she looks GREAT, and by great I mean her face is motionless.  She’s doing a tell all interview about her career.  After Kit spoke to her about needing to shut down Briarcliff, Lana decides to change direction in her career.  She becomes an investigative reporter, and sneaks cameras into Briarcliff to show the horrors.

While she’s there, she discovers that Jude is missing.  She discovers that Kit had Jude discharged into his care.  She meets with him and he tells her about Jude’s recovery.  After detoxing from her medications, she had a violent outburst, but Kit’s children take her into the woods, and when she returns, she is well adjusted and happy.  Soon after that, Jude dies.

Lana then turns her attention to Father Timothy, now a Cardinal, in a new investigative report.  Though he does not cooperate, Lana exposes his knowledge of the atrocities at Briarcliff, and how he knowingly worked with a former Nazi who performed experimental procedures on patients.  As a result of this investigation, Cardinal Howard kills himself.  From the shame, I suppose.

A few years later on, Kit is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  His condition worsens, until one day, he just disappears.  What a satisfying conclusion to the alien plotline I’ve been complaining about all season.  Oh Ryan Murphy, how could I have ever doubted you.  ::eyeroll::

Lana admits in her interview that she lied in her book when she said her child was dead.  She comes clean that he was alive, and that she used her investigative skills to track him down once when he was a child, and stood up for him when he was being bullied.

Meanwhile, this whole time Dylan McDermott has been waltzing around her apartment like craft services, angrily eating eclairs.  At some point they also reveal that he hacked off Adam Levine’s arm at the beginning of the season.  How very anticlimactic.

The camera crew packs up their stuff and leaves, but Lana knows that someone stayed behind.  Dylan is there to kill her, and she’s known it the whole time.  He knew she was his mother ever since she came up to him that day at school.  But he started hating her when he bought the confession tape on ebay and heard her talk about aborting him.

Lana calms him down and says he’s not a bad person, because he’s part of her too.  He breaks down and starts crying.  And she shoots him in the head.  POW POW POW.  So much for “no more death,” right??

I’m sure many of you enjoyed this season, and I think the actors are terrific, but I just can’t be a Ryan Murphy fan.  Any thoughts on what next season will be?  Hoping it will be more cohesive than this one!