Big Ang calls for smokers to quit the habit as she battles stage four cancer caused by her own 40-year addiction

By | February 15, 2016

‘It’s destroying me’: Reality star Big Ang calls for smokers to quit the habit as she battles stage four cancer caused by her own 40-year addiction

Angela Raiola, a reality TV star on the VH1 show Mob Wives, urged others to quit smoking because her stage four brain and lung cancer was ‘positively’ caused by her 40-year habit.

Raiola, who is known as ‘Big Ang’, revealed an intimate look into her battle with cancer in a tearful interview airing on The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday

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The 55-year-old, who recently sheared her long locks in anticipation of losing her hair to chemo, said: ‘It’s destroying me. I can’t believe what I look like.’ source:

10 thoughts on “Big Ang calls for smokers to quit the habit as she battles stage four cancer caused by her own 40-year addiction

  1. YorkieMom

    Quit smoking after seeing Ang , every time I think I could cave and light up Ang pops into my mind and it may sound crazy but the woman gives me the strength to not smoke , for someone I never met her journey touched me and her death was shocking to me , just didn’t realize her cancer was that advanced ,

  2. diane

    i’m very sorry for the loss of big ang,from what i seen she was a beautiful person,always trying to make peace. i also lost my sister on feb 12 2016 to stage 4 lung a liver cancer, i begged her to stop smoking for years.but no one listens. my she rest in peace. <3 :'(

  3. Priscilla Pendola

    My mother (82) copd /enphemzema, nebulizer,pumps, oxygen, begged me in 2010 to quit. Took me five times and 30lbs of weight , but I’m smoke free. Came the holiday season, we would drink, laugh smoke till the wee hours. The entire familia smoked. My mother’s brother passed from it, her sister 88 same sickness as mother. Everyone quit. Btw, my family used Dr. Wexelman for 100 years. Listen to me. You become what you believe. I believe and pray that Jesus will bless you and give you the strength and courage to heal. God bless you and lay his healing hands where ever you hurt. Your fans are all rooting for you!

  4. Tricia Donovan Green

    I could effin’ care less about this story!!!! She was on a show that perhaps not many of you were aware starred a murderer!! Hector “Junior” Pagan murdered my brother in cold blood. He and his low life friends robbed my brother at gunpoint then proceeded to shoot him once in the wrist and then again, as he tried to flee, in the back of his leg. That severed the artery and he was left to bleed to death in the middle of the street!! Not only was Big Ang part of this sh*#show, but she also had the audacity to show up during the trial to support her cousin who was one of the murderers involved! Don’t believe me?! Google the murder of James Donovan that occurred on July 2, 2010! I have no sympathy for murderers and/or those who support them!!

  5. Patricia Marr

    Oh Angie, I feel like I know you. I have loved you since MOB WIVES began. I am a 50yr ex-smoker (2yr) so I certainly identify with you. I am a retired RN. When I saw you holding your Grandchildren I got tears because I could see and feel the tears you were holding back. I have 4 grandchildren and now 2 Greats. They are the absolute love of my life and I know from seeing your face that yours are your reason for striving to regain health and energy, so you can continue to make memories with them. I love you like a sister, and I have not been much of a religious person lately, but honestly have said and am saying more prayers for you to regain your strength. St. Jude works miracles! I will probably never meet you, but know that you are loved by so many, many people, especially your family and your millions of fans. Rest well, my friend and I look forward to continued reports of you feeling stronger and “sassiesr”. With love…

  6. Sharmetta

    Big Ang, I think u look great…even better then b4…ur hair is BOSS…I LUV IT!


  7. Tracy williams

    Smokefree for 1 year quit cold turkey. And I never felt so good! Prayers going up for you Big Ang god bless you.

  8. Ana

    @lisa. If you are not addicted, why is it so hard?, I smoked for 30 years and until I was hospitalized and in intensive care for 2 weeks I knew that was my time and opportunity to stop…that had been the only way to do so since I had tried and failed other times…that is addiction…when it takes a life or death situation to make you stop…if you are just a social smoker, it should be a non issue to stop…..

  9. Lisa

    I am trying to quit smoking now and it is so hard to do but I know that I have to. It’s weird though.. I’m not addicted, I usually smoke when I am out with friends or if I am extremely stressed out. Either way, its a terrible habit…guess this truly is a wake up call. Prayers are with you!

  10. Terry

    My father died of smal cell cancer from smoking so I guit after 20 years . I tried every drug there was but one morning I woke up and said I am done and I haven’t smoked in 4 years . I will still most likely die from smoking later. You see my Dad hadn’t smoked in 25 years. Be sting Angie. God will help you through this .

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