Big Ang Confirms Return To Season 6 – Filming In June

By | June 3, 2015

big anf returns

Season 6 of Mob Wives will start filming soon, with Angela “Big Ang” Raiola returning for another season of drama. In an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, posted on Tuesday, Big Ang confirmed that despite having just had major surgery on her throat, she’ll be filming soon.

When asked if she’ll be returning to the hit VH1 show, she said that she has signed up for another season.

“Yeah. We’re going to start next month filming.”

Big Ang also said that in the new season, viewers will likely see her battling her throat cancer and going through recovery. She said that she is feeling okay now that she had a cancerous tumor removed from her throat in early April but faces more sugeries in the future. Viewers will also see a slimmed-down Big Ang dealing with her new reality. She explained that some of the muscles involved with swallowing were removed in the April sugery. Despite this, Big Ang remains optimistic.

“I’m going to have the next sugery in June so hopefully that comes back good. It’s been a big setback in my life but I’ll get through it.”

So who else will viewers see with Angela “Big Ang” Raiola on season 6 of Mob Wives? It’s likely that they’ll see her good friend and ally Drita D’Avanzo. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Drita recently tweeted a link to an article about her being in the upcoming season. She also sent a tweet asking Alicia DiMichele, who left after season 4, to return to the show because she and Big Ang want her back. Drita proclaimed Alicia, who was placed on 4-years probation in August 2014 for embezzlement and whose estranged husband is incarcerated, to be the “real deal.”

Alicia actually responded to Drita’s tweet. Alicia tweeted that she misses Big Ang and Drita too and jokingly added that she’ll return to the show if it’ll just be the three of them. Drita in turn replied that they need to take Big Ang out to dinner soon.

“Awe! I miss you guys too! Sure, just the three of us lol. Love you Both.”

Unfortunately for Alicia’s fans, her return likely won’t happen, not only because the show probably wouldn’t have just three women on it but because Alicia has made it clear that it’s not in her future. In an interview with VH1 in late March, Alicia said that Mob Wives is in her past.

“For me and the path that my life has taken since the show I can’t really see a time where me coming back would make sense. I have new goals and aspirations and in order for me to accomplish those goals, I will have to continue to look forward and not backward.”

While Alicia DiMichele likely won’t return to film with Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Drita D’Avanzo, one person who seems to have been brought back to the Mob Wives world is Carla Facciola. Carla, who was absent for season 4 but made a few appearances in season 5, posted a tweet concerning a hypocritical person on the show two days ago. Perhaps she was talking about Drita, whom she claimed on season 5 turned out to be a fake friend?

“I think it’s hysterical when someone says one thing and does the total opposite.. Always looking for attenion! Lmaooo .” source: