Big Ang Finds Out She Might Have Cancer – Mob Wives Season 6 Episode 6 Spoiler

By | February 9, 2016

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Most Mob Wives fans already now Big Ang has Cancer. Since filming of the show has happened in advance, this episodes shows when she first found out about it.

“Mob Wives” Season 6 episode 6 is already here. The latest telecast of the reality show is airing tomorrow and it was entitled “Younger Version of the Same Old BS.” Since the filming has always been completed in advance, this episode will show the time when Big Ang first heard that she may have lung cancer.

Looking at the synopsis for “Mob Wives” episode 6, it is easy to see that more drama will unfold as old chapters have been closed.
“Marissa and Brittany wage war on each other; Drita searches for inspiration for her book and Lee’s blessing; Ang receives news,” TV Guide posted.

Big Ang rejected the idea of surgery
The doctor advised her to seek out specialists so that her condition could be diagnosed more thoroughly and find the right treatment to fight the disease. At one point, the doctor mentioned a potential need for surgery but Big Ang quickly rejected this option saying, “I’m not doing it. I’d rather die.”

Most probably, she refused because she already experienced how painful it could be. It can be recalled that she underwent surgery last year to remove her cancerous throat tumors. Despite the success of the procedure, it seems that Big Ang does not want to go through it anymore.

Renee gives update on Big Ang’s health

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