Big Ang Gets George Hamilton Doing Trash Duty at Home!

By | August 6, 2015

Big Ang Celebrity Wife Swap

Last night, there was a fun swap on ABC Network’s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP–and everybody seems to have learned something. Alana Stewart and her ex-husband, George Hamilton, swapped lives with “Mob Wives” star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and her husband, Neil.

Alana and George were only married five years, but they had an amicable divorce, and still live together–”strange soul mates,” said Alana. They have one son grown son together, Ashley, and now, since their lives do not include children in the home (Alana’s two children from her relationship with Rod Stewart are also grown) they live a calm, zen lifestyle that includes all of the help they need to keep things running.

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola from “Mob Wives” and her husband, Neil Murphy, a sanitation worker–and, as Big Ang said, no, it is not a cover for the mob, he really is a sanitation worker.

The life of Big Ang and Neil is anything but zen. There are kids everywhere, somebody always wanting something from mom–”loud, obnoxious, crazy,” says Neil. “It’s something you get used to.”

Fans of George Hamilton probably know that he starred in “Godfather III.” So, this was something of a TV “mob swap.” And, on first inspection, it looked like it could be a disaster of a swap, with Big Ang declaring the home “boring,” and Alana saying she would redecorate if she lived in the home. But, after finding out she was in George Hamilton’s home, Big Ang said, “This is gonna be a goodie!”

Basically, the difference was clear in the reading of the guidebooks: The Hamilton-Stewarts have a staff to take care of them, Big Ang takes care of herself–and a lot of other people. And, it looked like it could be a long week for both!

It was pretty much a disaster, with Alana trying to cook pasta, sauce and take care of babies while grown children milled about and Big Ang’s friends dropped by at will–not Alana’s zen universe. And, although Big Ang was definitely starstruck by George from the beginning (have you ever seen two such tan people in your life, by the way?) the calm atmosphere of the home left her wanting. Serenity and meditation? Not Big Ang’s style.

She was hilarious; we loved Big Ang! And so did George: “I’m having the best time with Big Ang,” he said as they whooped it up at a polo match. Alana, on the other hand? She was a good sport, but she definitely looked ridiculous dressed up like Big Ang; it takes a certain kind of lady to work that style, and Alana was not the one to work it–and bingo night wasn’t really her gig, that is for certain!

Was Alana right that Big Ang needs to slow down after her big cancer health scare? Well, maybe some people need that, but Big Ang? She just does not seem like the “slow down” kind of gal; some people just have a need for speed and chaos, and Big Ang seems to be one of those people.

Nothin’ wrong with that.

But, you know, it does seem like the kids would be a little more respectful of their mom’s time; like Alana said, the free daycare on demand needed to stop–starting with the girls’ attitude that, “My mom is a grandma; she’s supposed to watch her kids, okay? That should be a pleasure.” Maybe it is at times, but they still should not be taking Big Ang for granted–and they should be happy to be helping their mom out. The “no more crass talking” rule? Well, not a bad idea at all, but good luck with that one. But, taking Big Ang’s health more seriously? And, getting Neil and the girls to help? That’s a good rule.

We liked that Big Ang took pampered George out to see what “the rest of the world” does in their daily lives. It was good for him to be reminded that, as Big Ang said, “Not everybody has the life of George Hamilton.” He wasn’t much of a sanitation worker, but at least he did it. He probably won’t ever do it again, of course, but at least he did it and, overall, he seemed like a nice, pleasant guy and respectful of the lives and lifestyles of others–not the snob he could definitely be under the circumstances. Sure, it was like a “playdate” for him, but he was probably the most willing CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP participant we’ve seen this season. So, good for him.

The table sit-down was good, and it was clear that Alana and Big Ang just have different ways of looking at life: Big Ang has a spirit for living, Alana just kind of bubble-wraps herself through it. But, both could probably take a little from the other and get a good balance. Both seem happy with things as-is (although George seems like he could use a little more excitement at times, and Neil might be the one who would like to visit the calm in the eye of the storm a bit more often), but do seem to be willing to try a few new things. Any BIG changes would be, well, surprising in either household, but, the six-weeks out report?

Big Ang is in remission after her second cancer surgery–and still does everything for her family. And, of course, George’s personal assistant, Maria, is still helping George with everything, although he has taken on trash duty! But, Alana and George ARE taking more time together with their family, and that is a good thing. source: