Big Ang Post Surgery & Selling Her Home

By | August 5, 2015

Big Ang after surgery

A “Mob Wife” is on the move — just as soon as she sells her Staten Island home.

“When I first bought this house I had one grandchild,” Big Ang told the Daily News’ Justin Rocket Silverman. “Now I have six of them and I feel like I should worry about them a little more than about this house.”

Big Ang bought that house in 2013 for $560,000. After two years of renovation, it’s now listed for $1,150,000. That’s down from the $1,300,000 the four-bedroom, four-bathroom was listed at earlier this year.

The teal-colored house sits on a hill overlooking St. George and the harbor. There are killer views of downtown Manhattan and the Staten Island ferries plying their route.

The house is outlandish and outsized, just like its owner. There’s a giant stone Buddha in the yard and a glass-enclosed wine room in the basement. The main living room is dominated by a 10-foot turquoise couch and a white leather chair with a high back that almost touches the ceiling.

“The furniture was all custom-designed for the house,” said Ang, whose real name is Angela Raiola. “If a buyer was interested in it, then that’s an option too.”

Between shooting “Mob Wives” and overseeing the renovation of her house, Ang has been struggling with life-threatening throat cancer. This spring she had a lemon-sized tumor removed.

She’s on the mend now, but faces years of follow-up doctor’s appointments and monitoring. And she just doesn’t want to worry about the house.

“I want my money back to help my kids,” she said. “I’d rather have my kids be secure than myself.”

As for what kind of buyer her Staten Island palace might appeal to, Big Ang has a definite opinion.

“Gay people will like it,” she said. “I think it would be their style.” source:

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  1. Brooke

    Sending positive healing energy your way Ang. You are a beautiful person and a special soul. You will overcome all of your health challenges because you have so many people who love you and are praying for you. Besides someone has to be the peacemaker of reason amongst the girls!!!! Hugs

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