Big Ang Reveals She Wasn’t Ready to go: “I Am Not Done Here”

By | February 25, 2016

big ang not done 2

A new episode of Mob Wives aired on VH1 for the first time since Big Ang’s passing and it really took a more in depth look at Angela Raiola’s health.

It shows some of the interactions Big Ang had with her doctors, her estranged husband Neil Murphy, and her friends as the bad news about her cancer unfolds.

“I am scared, what stage cancer is it? What are the results going to be?,” Ang, who had already had surgery to remove a tumor from her throat, says after learning she’d need an operation on her lungs, too.

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2 thoughts on “Big Ang Reveals She Wasn’t Ready to go: “I Am Not Done Here”

  1. april Jeanniton

    It breaks my dam heart to see ANG like that. Going into surgery worrying will she make it out alive to be able see her grandchildren. My dad has cancer as well, ANG reminds me alot of how my dad is with some same things. Every time my dad has surgery he never thinks he’s going back home. I kno its scarey. Thank God Neil was there to support her even tho he was absent at times for real important things an heart breaking to see she had go thru it alone when she hears knews bout the cancer. Every Dr appt is important. I kno she didn’t wana burden anyone that how my dad is too but she should has somebody there? I could thought of alot pple who could of been there but wasn’t can’t believe she decided to do it solo. Big ANG is really a strong brave women. I can’t believe she gone. So I’m always curious to kno time line I kno last yr she found out bout throat cancer then when did she get lung cancer when was it Dr said cancer free when did it come bk?? Then she was on Dr Oz an two days later she dies an has no hair I’m so loss and sad!! Woow !! When did ANG build that house don’t even kno if I realized it was a newer house I was just focused on ANG. I kno she was going thru hell and so much stress an although I’m thankful Neil was there but he wasn’t fully there an caused lot more stress an worry on her. She needed to b taken care of for once an can tell she was so upset an sad. It’s not right I kno he loved her but dam Neil that’s when u step up like never before. Fkd up to kno she felt she rather do it alone. She’s touched my heart and I really feel for her. Rest easy love forever be missed. Gone but never forgotten!!!

  2. cheryl sheldon

    Drita knows Big Ang was disappointed in her especially after their sit down. No more BS after. In the last show Drita really showed her true colors and Big Ang was so taken back by her statements over Karen and the girls. Drita’ karen doesnt want your man and she could care less. After what I saw him do on FB can’t believe you are so proud of him. Then you punch some lady in the face at her home. Cant he fight his own battles, your a mother with 2 great kids at home. Wake up Drita ya can’t keep blaming Karen for Lee its not right. She has definately moved on. Think about what Ang would say and did say.

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