Big Ang’s Daughter Dispels Rumors & Thanks All The Fans For Their Love

By | April 17, 2016

big ang daughterBig Ang’s daughter, Raquel, is undoubtedly still mourning the loss of her mother. Now that the smoke has cleared and after seeing all these nasty rumors, she decided to make a statement to the fans on Instagram:

Hi everyone this is Raquel.

When someone is as well known as my mother was in the entertainment industry, there are multiple people who are hired to make sure certain aspects of business are handled accordingly. Therefore her attorney was asked by me, the proper legal representative of her estate, to look into any products, events, claims, improper use of my mothers name, her trademarks and most importantly the name of “Big Ang.”

I gave the authority for him to do so, and I am actively involved in supervising my mothers social media accounts with the reps that have ran it. Keep in mind, my mother hand selected her representatives to handle her media and legal affairs. Please do not comment negatively or feed into rumors and stories that might be seen as otherwise. Thank you for your support of my mother, she truly loved her fans, her co-stars, the crew and the creator of the show. My brother and I thank you all for your love and concern. All I ask now is for the rumors and gossip to end, so we can all celebrate her life in peace and happiness the way she liked to live.