Catch up!

By | January 25, 2012

Busy Busy I’ve been, thankfully I’ve been able to watch the episodes I just haven’t had the time to sit down get my thoughts straight and write. Since I’ve ‘missed’ so much, instead of going back and doing recaps for the episodes I’ve missed ill just do a run down of the big issues and put my 2 cents in. Moving on…

Renee VS Carla
As we all know Renee was very hurt and upset that Carla never called or visited her while she was in the hospital. Carla said that she didn’t know she was in the hospital or that she was that sick to begin. So they had a sit down with Big Ang and Drita present and Renee told her how she felt hurt and let down and to help get all her feelings out she wrote her a letter, but was going to give it to her when they were alone. They’ve been friends for over twenty years and she didn’t wanna throw away their friendship over something that really stemmed from something so petty. Carla added her input and they both made up and all the ladies shared a toast. 

Later on, Renee goes over to visit Carla and they talk some more on the issue that put the wedge between them to begin with, Carla’s ex- boyfriend. Renee began  to read he letter aloud and confessed that once she sat back and put herself on Carla’s side, she too would have stood up for her boyfriend as well and that she was mostly upset because Carla doubted her loyalty. Carla said that she was upset because she felt that Renee was constantly attacking her on the matter. They made up and put the whole ordeal behind them. 

*My Take*
I was really happy that Carla and Renee were able to patch things up and I hope they stay this way. On the other hand I can defiantly understand where Renee was coming form with her feeling as to why Carla never called or visited her while in the hospital. in my mind there is no excuse for that, especially if we’ve been friends for so long. In my mind a petty disagreement should not be enough to make you not even want to check up on me and see how I’m doing when you knew I was going under for surgery. Granted that if I had been friends with someone for that long, I would be able to behind me and resume the friendship, but I would always keep that in the back of my mind.

Drita VS Karen
On to the big two. The fight at Renee’s party was pretty epic. We see that Drita wanted to talk to Karen and try to get some head way into moving past everything. Karen decides to join her on the balcony, Ramona not far behind. Karen goes to where Drita is standing and Drita begins by saying how shes not comfortable around her because of what happened and she wants to try move past all this. Karen’s responds saying she has a problem with her and starts to talk about how she didn’t appreciate how she thinks she can put her hands on her and how shes not going to allow her to do that anymore. Drita is listening and trying to remain calm and get a way for them to move on. Karen isn’t trying to hear it and continues to go on about how shes thought about going to Drita’s home. From here on you can see the change in Drita’s expression and shes beginning to go into defense mode. The conversation escalates and Ramona winds up walking up and getting in between them, but the separation tactic didn’t last long next thing we know Ramona and Karen are both yelling at Drita and then we see Drita throw a punch and it begins. From then on its been like the Cold War between them both, just waiting for someone to make that first move and its on.

*My Take*
As I’ve already stated in my previous post I think that Karen when to that party with the mindset to start some mess and prove herself. Drita asking her to meet her outside was just the reason she needed and the cover she was looking for to try and throw down. I feel that if she was that hurt with the whole Lee thing then she shouldn’t have rekindled the friendship to begin with. She was fine without Drita in her life all this time, she would have survived if she decided to just be civil to her. although after seeing these last few episodes I don’t think Karen can do civil. 

The last episode that aired we saw Karen and Carla butt-heads. Karen seemed to be bothered that Carla was on Dritas side of their feud and not hers. Proceeding to say that Drita can lick her pussy in Macy’s and that she doesn’t like Carla. Then Karen stands up and tries to challenge to Carla, to which Carla holds her ground but still keeps her head. To me this whole altercation had me like ‘what?’ I just shaking my head at the tv and clapping for Carla the whole time. After all that mess that Karen talked she backed down awful quick when she saw she wasn’t going to punk Carla. Talking about she didn’t want to hurt her. Karen reminds me of that little dog that lives next door that never shuts up, and barks at everything but as soon as you get close to it to shuts up and backs away until its at a safe distance and starts barking again. According to an article that got some info from an “inside source” that claimed that Karen was so upset because she felt that that Carla should be on her side because her father (Sammy “the Bull” Gravano) saved Carlas father from being killed by the Mob. That should be a non issue. Karen is not going to war, and shes not dying there is no reason for her to be bringing up favors her father did for Carla’s dad. That was another time ago and nothing to do with this petty high school drama going on between herself and Drita. Just as Ramona is on her side, ride or die, Carla is the same with Drita. Drita’s name must taste like filet mignon because Karen is constantly chewing on it.

In the end, I’m proud of Carla for standing up to herself in a classy way, and for Drita for not feeding into all this nonsense until its called for.