Controversy Surrounding The Big Ang Instagram Scandal

By | June 6, 2016

big ang instagramControversy has emerged regarding Big Ang’s Instagram account. It appears that Big Ang’s little sister Janine Detore has been blocked from the account by Vinnie, who formerly handled Ang’s social media accounts.

Janine alleges that Vinnie has been posting from the Instagram account posing as Ang’s daughter Raquel, and has called him out for his apparent impersonation.

Janine claims that Vinnie is using the account to gain traction for an upcoming concert where he will be DJing. According to the concert description, money raised by the concert will go to Big Ang’s favorite charities.

Janine has shared a post urging fans to report the account claiming it is no longer under the control of family members.

Janine has also created a new Instagram account to commemorate Big Ang (biggangel2016).

Vinnie has since then made his Instagram account private.

Is Vinnie really using the social media account of an amazing deceased reality TV star for his own gain? Is the concert money really going to charity?

Stay tuned for updates… UPDATE: 

Update On Big Ang’s Alleged Instagram Controversy

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