Drita And Carla React To Series End, What’s Next For Ex-BFFs?

By | March 6, 2016

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Drita D’Avanzo and Carla Facciolo had similar reactions when they found out season 6 of Mob Wives will be the last.

“The only reason why I was surprised of it is because the show didn’t air yet. So it’s not like it aired and the ratings weren’t good and they let the show go. You know what I mean? We’re one of the bigger shows on VH1 and it’s just very very strange. I was like, ‘Wow the fans are not gonna be happy.’ But that was shocking to me. So if the ratings weren’t good and they dropped the show I’d understand. But the show was let go before it even aired. So that was just weird,” Drita told us.

Her former BFF Carla had a similar reaction.

“They always say all good things must come to an end, and I figured this show is not gonna go on forever and ever. I was a little shocked at first, because I thought maybe they would see what our ratings were and how audiences liked me being back on full time, Karen there and then Drita, Ang and Renee. I was just a little shocked at first. I thought, ‘Why aren’t they letting this play through?’ But I guess they want to do other things.”

As fans have seen so far on MW season six, Drita has been steadily penning her first book. However, that’s the not only project she has up her sleeve. The reality star told us that this wouldn’t be the last time fans saw her on TV.

“I have no intention of leaving TV anytime soon,” she said, adding that she’ll have more time to focus on her book now that she’s no longer having to film. “I’ll have the free time to get my s**t together with the book, but I’m hoping to make it into a scripted series on my life.”

As for Carla, she’ll continue building her brand and businesses, which she started working on during her two-season hiatus from MW.

“I do have a wine business right now [Facciolo Wines]. I have a prosecco, and I have a wine, Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Actually when I wasn’t on “Mob Wives” that’s what I did for a whole year. I got that all done. I worked on labels and getting my product out there. I met distributors. By being off the show I got to finish that project, and now it’s out there. It’s been getting out there to all liquor stores and restaurants. So little by little, it’s working,” she revealed. “I also have a body soap line. All natural products: oils, coconut oils, jojoba oil, coconut butter.I sell it online right now. It’s no artificial products. All the stuff that we use hasn’t been tested on animals. All the products are natural. But I’m telling you, it makes your skin feel incredible. I have cocoa butter, body spray, hand oils, creams. It’s a whole line. It’s amazing.”

We will miss all of the “Mob Wives” after the series officially ends, but we’re glad to know that this may not be the last we hear from Drita and Carla. source: fashionnstyle.com

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  1. melissa g

    soo sad this show is ending! Love watching! RIP Big Ang <3

  2. Mercedes

    I have w watched the show from the very beginning. I loved every season, and don’t wish the show to end. I been very upset that Angela died. But didn’t think the show would be cancelled. I am very disappointed as it goes off the air I love the ladies and love the show. Will be sad if ends.

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