Drita D’Avanzo Blasts Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo During Season Finale Live-Tweeting (VIDEO)

By | March 10, 2016

karen-gravano-drita-davanzo-carla-faccioloMob Wives may be over (or is it? ????) but the drama still continues.

Wednesday’s series finale of the popular VH1 series was one to remember. During the episode, Drita D’Avanzo was finally able to confront Karen Gravano for allegedly spreading gossip about Drita and her husband Lee. Here’s the video of what happened:

The two exchanged some nasty words with each other during their sit down, but that spilled over onto each of their Twitters as well.

While live-tweeting the finale, Drita sent out some harsh tweets about Karen, including calling her a “bitch,” “rat” and even a “c**t.” Check out Drita’s tweets about Karen below.

Drita also made sure to call out Carla Facciolo as well. Despite the two ladies being great friends at the beginning of the series, they eventually fell out, after Carla became good friends with Karen and Renee Graziano during her return to the series.

Drita accused Carla of being fake, because Carla apparently used to trash Renee and Karen to Drita. Drita believes Carla only made up with Karen and Renee to get back on the show.

“What…lol Carla use to say they are busted losers she would never associate with…but they on a [show]..soooooo lol,” Drita tweeted.

Karen later responded to Drita’s tweets and behavior on the finale by calling her a fake gangster.

“The only bitch trying to play gangster is the only bitch never relevant to this lifestyle the green screen gangster,” Karen tweeted about Drita.

After watching the series finale, are you Team Drita or Team Karen? source: fashionnstyle.com

15 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo Blasts Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo During Season Finale Live-Tweeting (VIDEO)

  1. rita nugent ladd

    Yall let those two bimbos come in and stir the pot. Each one of you knew better than believe a new person. They both played all of you and none of you were smart enough to see it. The blonde just wanted to be on SOMEBODYs side, she didn’t care. The dark haired one that can’t keep her hands off her own hair split yall up and BOTH of them caused a lot of stress between yall which fell on Big Ang! Stick to your REAL friends and things will be better for each one of you. Rene, you just keep doing what you have been, at this point, YOU are the Boss Lady in town. P.S. Those that wore heals knowing you were going to end up fighting were fools. God bless each one of you and remember Ang is watching yall.

  2. unfiltered mouth

    friggin Marissa the barking chuahua is talkin about Brittany’s mom and dad being rats but her lil ass is sitting next to THE BIGGEST RATS daughter shut the fk up you non important sperm burper….. Karen always mouthing off as if she’s tough but every fight on the show shes been in her fat ass hits the floor first!!! I hope Drita gets her !!

  3. Marie

    In God’s name, you ladies need to all grow up ! This is what your teaching your children ? I am so glad this show is over !! Like Ang, it’s all about living life to the fullest. Not all this BS. Your grown women, not kids and certainly not wild animals. Your beautiful women with future’s, families, why are you acting like this ? Who cares what someone says, it’s what you answer to ! My God , stop this already !! It;s actually sickening ! Ang is looking down and shaking her head in disbelief ! You ladies, didn’t learn anything from her death, let alone her suffering from cancer. Stop it , it’s not cute ! Very Sad…..

  4. Tina

    Karen is always fighting anyone who brings up her family’s past, Everyone knows her father is the biggest RAT in the history of the mob!!! She’s lucky any of the girls even associate with her. She is a piece of dirt who wants to sell ectasy but got busted so she had daddy do her time. And the loser boyfriends she exposes her daughter too who SMELL HIGH!! Great job Karen!!! She is soooo jealous of Drita it’s amazing!! She can’t even convince those two jerks she was with to marry her! She stuffs her Giant Fat Ass into clothes 3 sizes too small and struts around like a fat lady in the circus! She needs to shut up! and Go hide somewhere and realize that always saying “My daddy was Sammy the Bull ” isn’t a good thing!!

  5. Rosalie

    Why did karn have something in her hand to swing at Drita but my girl Drita only had her first I think those guys needed to step out of they and let drita do her job and kick some ass you go girl Drita

  6. Corrine Bertone

    Oh and please stop with your I miss my dad and how I need to get him out b/c he can be out any day u want to take responsibility for your actions and go to the judge bring the tapes were ur bragging about the ecstasy ring and that he took the rap for u.See that what loyal family friends do, they don’t let others go to jail for their crimes and then ACT all big and bad .You continually contradict yourself with everything you say and do.Like Big ANG said about u 3 , your friends when it’s convient otherwise your talking shit but that Drita never wavered & was the ONLY ONE WHO WAS THE SAME ON & OFF CAMERA.She was friends and loyal and defended you all at some point UNTIL AS USUAL
    YOU TURNED ON HER THEN GLOVES CAME OFF.What happen Karen thought u were going to fight her.lmao
    You always saying you were gonna give her a beaten b/c u were done talking & true to form when it came time , you wanted the guards and tea time.Very sad you 3 showed your colors & have no honor or loyalty at all.Drita may be standing alone out of the group, that’s b/c she doesn’t need to lean on, pretend to be someone she isn’t as well as the fact that She is too good to be with two faced asses who don’t know how to have or keep a friend.Ask yourself, how long will it take before one of you turn on each other ???

  7. Rain

    Team drita. Did any one notice the chain that Karen had to hit her with?

  8. Corrine Bertone

    . So if this comes across as I’m Team Drita & Facts all good !!!
    Because Not for anything but enough is enough…I usually don’t write anything let people speak their mind & all comes around BUT since Big Ang passed ( God Bless You Angel), I gotta say something.Lets get things straight now I’m not going into petty bullshit just facts & certain character traits that maybe missed on some.
    First, go back and u will see that it was Karen who first opened her mouth & started after the sit down . Karen always had to have 2 or more on her side before she’s ready to talk to Drita or anyone.Her character is very tarnished by her actions even before she came on the show.NOW REMEMBER ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE LADIES!!!! Karen wanted to be a big ass & start an ecstasy ring( selling drugs to kids) while pregnant ( cause she looks out for her family),& when caught, plays victim & sends everyone including her flesh and blood to jail, that one was her father who she claims to love so much and her mom has been without for many yrs & throws him under the bus ( great daughter), then she can’t stop messing with anyone who has a good relationship (ex mom $ dad),friendship or otherwise.Shes the first to run to talk & then is telling how Lee was made to prove himself to them in order to be with her??,rewind , the only thing that she has proved is that she can’t be trusted & don’t use the pregnant as an excuse cuz they would have kept her out long enough to have her baby & her mom would have had to take care of her granddaughter as many do when their kin mess up & have to do the time for the crime.NOT KAREN SHES THE SHADE THROWER & BACKSTABBER & HAS THE BALLS TO TALK ABOUT ANYBODY IS RIDICULOUS & DISGUSTING WITH ALL HER SHIT SHES DONE SHE SHOULD BE THE LAST PERSON TO PASS JUDGEMENT OR CALL ANYONE OUT BUT I GUESS WHEN YOU DO AND HAVE DONE CONTINUE TO DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP BRINGING UP PAST BULLSHIT THAT WAS FOUND OUT TO BE JUST THAT THATS THE REAL READIN SHE LEFT AND HOPED COMING BACK ALL WOULD BE FORGOTTEN AND IT WAS UNTIL SHE ONCE AGAIN OPENED HER MOUTH SO BEFORE THINGS ARE FORGOTTEN OR NOT PUT INTO THE CORRECT ORDER MAYBE GO BACK AND WATCH FROM THE START.THIS ISNT ABOUT BEING TEAM THIS IR THAT, THIS IS STATING FACTS. AND AS ALWAYS WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS BLAME OR USE A SCAPEGOAT FAVORITE DRITA. WHICH IS WHY SHE IS A STRONG AS SHE IS AND NOT AS TRUSTING BECAUSE THE REST EXCEPT BIG ANG BLESS HER SOUL BECAUSE EVEN BIG ANG KNEW IT WAS BS WHEN THEY ACTED LIKE HIGH SCHOOL BRATS BULLING UP ON ONE. UNLIKE THEM DRITA DOESNT NEED TO GET ANYONE ON HER SIDE AND PUT PEOPLE DOWN TO FEEL BETTER AND THATS WHY IT AKWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END AND ONES WHO FLIP FLOP OR DIDNT LIKE HER IN THE END HAD A CHANGE OF HEART EHEN SEEING OTHERS DIDNT.SAD BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHOW & I REALLY LIKED KAREN AS WELL BUT SHE WENT TOO FAR AND NOW WHAT MAYBE YOU COULD TRY TO FORGET ABOUT LEAVE IN THE PAST, NOW CANT CUZ THROWING STONES SHATTERED HER HOUSE TO PIECES. I HOPE THEY CAN COME CLEAN TO THEMSELVES FIRST AND THEN GET A CONSCIENCE BEING TRUE CALLING A TRUCE SINCERELY FOR THE LOVING MEMORY AND WISH OF THEIR BELOVED FRIEND,
    BIG ANG????????????❤️????❤️❤️❤️

  9. Corrine Bertone

    u but you constantly put your foot in your mouth & on the last episode you went to far & seeing what you wrote.Enough is Enough with you.Either Shut Up & stop stirring stuff up so people won’t look at you and the bullshit your doing and how it’s you starting or take your beaten.Then again you can’t take responsibility for your actions, another thing you throw on others BUT AGAIN ITS YOU ( throwing your flesh in blood under the bus leaving people without but your big and bad do the right thing, ) If not for you maybe for Big ANG , make things right until then shut the F up

  10. Corrine Bertone

    Really??Karen you need not be telling anyone about anything.Especially loyalty( you threw your own flesh in blood in jail) & growing up ( you pick on & bully newbies & only when you have 3 or more ppl , security around ) because you can’t stop running your mouth.As for saying being a mom, again don’t tell others about raising their children & showing them right from wrong because once again you have shown what NOT to do!!!!Im being as polite as I can because I usually don’t write comments but because of you running your mouth this is twice I commented on your stupidity as if you have forgotten day one you been on the show & the shit u said did & continue to do & not to mention due to your ties to the producer this is the best light you can be put in ???? How SAD for your daughter. Hopefully you will get right & start gluing all the pieces to your house together & become a real woman & make amends & start doing right instead of starting fights that & for others to do because you’re all mouth..

  11. angie slater


  12. Kat

    Well I’ll say this,, drita and Karen are two different people. They grown in their own ways and went their own way. I feel that they should both just live their own lives and agree to disagree. Having said that those nasty childish kindegartner they brought to the show started this mess. Whiny little catty bitches. Marissa could have told drita it wasn’t Karen but let drita believe it was Karen talking. She knew what she was doing. Then Britney that dumb ass blonde. Wants to fit in sooo bad she don’t know whose side to be on so she plays the fence. Team back and told drita every nasty comment Karen said out of anger to drita just to start shit. Like I’m not your friend today so I’m gonna tell all your secrets. Until drita pisses her off then she’ll tell her secrets too. Friends and loyalty are most important . Shame on Karen and drita for letting these dumb broads stir the pot. They should have known to rise above it and should have asked the right questions at that sit down . It would have allll came out and Marisa and Britney would have both got their asses beat. If Karen and drita put their differences aside and pulled themselves together with their strengths they would have been an unbeatable tag team and would have obliterated those nitwits.

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