Drita D’Avanzo Claims Another Mob Wives Costar Is Sabotaging Her Off-Camera

By | March 5, 2016

drita sabatoge

Drita D’Avanzo has a strong feeling that one of her costars from Mob Wives is purposely sabotaging her life off-camera.

According to her, this has been happening for 6 years now:

Drita first tweeted that she keeps hearing from people in the press that someone’s telling them that she’s unavailable, when in fact she was. Because of that false information, her co-stars get booked instead.

Drita’s tweets received many responses that speculated on who the schemer could be. Some people guessed Karen Gravano, some guessed Renee Graziano, and some guessed Carla Facciolo. There were even suggestions that it could be Jennifer Graziano, the Mob Wives creator and producer, who is Renee’s sister.

Drita also received quite a few responses that were critical of her. People told her to stop causing drama with her co-stars and blaming them for everything. Some people reminded her that Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, with whom she was very good friends with and who passed away about two weeks ago, wanted everyone on the cast to get along and hated all of the fighting. source: inquistr.com

30 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo Claims Another Mob Wives Costar Is Sabotaging Her Off-Camera

  1. donna

    Jennifer Graziano is the producer, it is Jennifer who is doing this. Karen & Jennifer are friends, have been since the age of 13. Renee is her sister, & Carla is Renee’s friend so of course those are who Jennifer looks out for, not Drita, because she is considered the outsider, not Italian. She was Karen’s friend, no one else’s!

  2. virginia

    The way I feel about all this, Drita and Big Ang were the only ones who spoke the truth. She made a wise decision by walking away.

  3. Nikki

    Jackie, well said nicely broken down….and most of all the truth. Idk went Drita was even included in this show, she has no ties to that lifestyle…..none she’s not even Italian or Sicilian….

  4. Sharon

    Okay first of all let me just tell you my name is Sharon and I am a die-hard fan all the way I love Mob Wives I love Big Ang I love Drita Drita has an anger problem Buffalo good reason Karen is definitely definitely stirring the pot and she definitely can’t back her s*** up she brings a belt chain to a sit-down their bags were checked for weapons insecurities ask them straight out Karen and Marissa if we leave you are all alone to deal with Drita and Brittney Karen said no Karen takes off the belt chain and tries to whip Drita and Brittany with it she only got a month she can’t back herself up so therefore she thinks she’s something because of her dad now on the other hand Drita has a temper and when she’s pushed she’ll use her fist and not her mouth so let’s all get that straight

  5. L wallace

    who really cares! Drita acts a tough bitch then crys the blues! didn’t she make enough money? get over yourself you aren’t all that!

  6. Marie

    They all act like they are Mafia Men.. not one of them act like ladies. so sad, only Ang was great.. the others.. PLEASE, but in Karen’s defense, why should she pay for what her father did? And Drita? I happen to like her, but she’s a mother she should watch how she acts, she has two beautiful daughters and would not want them to act like that. Why don’t they all do what “Big Ang.” wanted them to do.. in honor of her.

  7. jackie

    First of all, she (drita) should get over herself. she aint all that. bit titties that’s about it. oh big mouth to suck on the neighborhood with. and im not saying no one else is at fault. they all are. but bad blood is bad blood. and everyone keeps calling karen a rat. but you all keep her relevant in the news and tabloids and on here. so i guess she is doing good right about now aint she. and drita keeps the rat comments coming, but shes hanging with a rat family. see karen’s mom never turned her hubby. now i know that andrea did what she did for her family. but if shes this big bad woman. she should have been able to do the time and not make hubby talk so she wouldnt have too. ive read all these stories about brittneys mom and how tough and hanging with the gambino family and john gotti and if gotti’s there who else is there. Sammy the bull. see with drita yelling, yes yelling im the boss, ill tell you this and that. umm honey, you aint the boss of nothing, nothing. so your words aint shit. brittney thinks they are but shes young. she will look back years from now and go, oh my god, how did i put up with that. andrea was right to tell you to stay away from NY and staten island. you should have listened. and how redic did both drita and britt look being held back like goons and karen and marissa standing there just watching. i would have been cracking up over that scene. the only reference made about that picture was, it used to hang over our bed. never did karen say, oh while i was riding him. geez. go back and watch it. now here is something for the rat drita. remember when they fought on the roof top? and drita said while you were dating lee you cheated on him. and karen said yeah cause you ratted me out!. so whos the rat and who wanted lee from get go? I think drita did and she did what she had to do to get him. they deserve each other. trash with trash. i wish they could have come to some conclusion but drita looks like a redic crazy wanna be gansta. stop it, youre a woman, a mom . try to be a lady and give these kids a good role model. one day your children will have to deal with you and your actions. just like karen does for her father. and everyone, please, read up on why sammy the bull did what he did. it wasnt cause he was scared to go to jail. he was betrayed by his best friend, John Gotti. so he got him back. thats what you do in the mafia, mess with me and ill mess with you. You live that lifestyle you know the cost. or i guess you know the cost to be the boss. all bosses come down. even Lucky Luciano was deported. so she needs to chill with that boss stuff. cause bosses, real bosses dont talk like that. and why in front of the camera’s oh set up a meeting. you know where karen lives. you say its a small island. go find her tough gal. kick her ass then. why wait for the camera’s? so tired of it. and brittney started all of this. she may not have known at first this was bad blood. but she knew when she went to talk to drita after her fight with the girls. she knew and she did it on purpose. she is nothing in my book. which may mean nothing to them. but it means something to me. god bless each and every one of them. i hope they live long meaningful lives and are happy and healthy. and i hope and pray their kids live long and are successful in all they do. god bless them and god bless our country.

  8. Phyllis

    so sick of all these People blaming Drita for every thing Karen I s A trouble maker always stirring the pot she has no balls she cant stand up to Drita the last time they fought she had to have ramona
    help her .if she is so tough she shouldnt of needed no one but her self get A life Karen stop minding Drita business & worry about your own man do you know what he is doing

  9. pk

    I have watched Mob Wives from the beginning and I believe there’s a click that Drita doesn’t belong too. The other main characters had family is the so called “mob”, but not Drita. She had associates that she knew from hanging out, but did not grow up in the same lifestyle as the others. I think that no matter what Drita was going to be left out sooner or later. I am happy for her. She opened her owned business, is writing a book (and if she married to a jerk) will do well on her own. U go Drita. Big Ang and Drita were always buddies away from the others. I am glad to see Renee grow up too. However, they all dish their fair share of drama. Karen got some dirt with her. Her father is a well known rat and I am sure the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. How Renee can accept Karen, but not Brittany (same thing). Brittany and Marissa were just a filler and I would have much preferred to just have our OG ladies on the last season. Good luck to all. God bless Big Ang, best one on the show by far. RIP

  10. Anoyntd1

    I never liked Karen from the beginning and sometimes you can say so much a person can really get tired of it. The way Karen went off on Drita and told the camera crew to make sure they filmed it than whatever is whatever . They say Drita is acting like a boss but she’s the only one on the show that will get in someone’s Ace for real without hesitation the rest of the do a lot of talking. Lastly I lost what little respect I had for Karen when I saw pictures of Big Ang funeral and there she was coming down the stairs of the church when she had clearly been asked to not attend. What that said to me was its all about Karen I’m not going to respect the families wishes and I’m going to make sure I make a camera appearance at least the other chick had enough respect to turn around and not attend when she was notified. I thought Mob Wives was done final season if not no Drita no me the others don’t have a story line and why take money out of someone else’s mouth.

  11. Rbhb

    Wgaf drita needs to Stfu up already she’s an old hag trying be sum1 she’s not.. No1 wants her cheating ass lame man.. Not to mention its Karen’s ex.. Dumb hoebag from the ghetto.. Dritas always n still Is Karen’s numba 1 hater from the past.. Get a fukn life drita without mobwives u ain’t shyt Neva was shyt LMFAO.. BYE FELISHA !!

  12. Charity

    please if they really want an interview with Drita they would contact Drita. She needs to grow up and get some psychological help because her delusions are getting worse. She sees people out to get her around every corner. Marissa only mentioned on name bringing up the men and that name was…Drita. She never said Karen. She told Ang to her face she never said Karen. Drita walked away from Ang’s sit down and disrespected the person she claims to have been loyal the most to, next to that pig of a husband of hers that is. Otherwise instead of jumping to the conclusion that it was Karen after talking to Marissa, when again Marissa said no names and is the one who informed Karen and the others about what was being said, she’d have honored Ang and called Karen and asked her civilly but I don’t think Drita knows what that is in truth. Her life is out of control and spilling into the neighborhood and all you people still want to blame Karen who took her in and try to show her a different lifestyle than the projects. Drita’s demons are in Drita’s own mind and she is her own worst enemy. You can take trash out of the dump, clean it up, sometimes it is a diamond in the rough and other times it’s just a cleaned up piece of trash. Don’t hate, must have been real embarrassing for her to have a fight in the neighborhood and her kids have to go to school and all. Those are the two I feel bad for in that situation.

  13. Mary Matthews

    Drita is the only one that seemed sincerely upset about Big Ang being sick when she was told. I am not saying the others weren’t but they did not show it on TV if they were. I with they could all work things out for the memory of Big Ang but I would not blame Drita if she never talked to them ever again.

  14. Sylvia

    I’m tired of drita acting like she’s a boss. She really isn’t anybody. Her and Brittany. Drita calls Karen a rat or whatever. What about Brittany? Her father did the same thing.

  15. Lisa Mckenzie

    I think since Renees cousin produces mob wives……she is one to blame.
    I watch the show for the original mob wives not the two little younger ones who get on my last nerve. They love to make drama. And in the last show they should have shut their big months and only focus on Big Ang. Have some respect for her and put things 8n the past and stop acting like high school girls…..your women ….act like it.
    With that said. ..I always like Renee……but I will always but team Drita and Big Ang!
    R.I.P Big Ang…..we love you ….fly high sweet Angel.

  16. Mary close

    Karen is a trouble maker.that blonde one is a ugly nasty bitch.That marissa had so many plastic surgerys.She needs talking lessons.Ang was a very good person.I like Drita.I won’t watch with those other girls.

  17. Bev Fm Canada

    Drita and Big Ang were the reason i watched the show….RIP Big Ang…keep and eye over Drita who was your true friend, these ladies are a disgrace …Drita keep strong, you know you are far above these dirt bags.

  18. Bridget Carselda

    I am a HUGE fan of Mob Wives and its sad that Karen Gravano has tainted the other women. From the very beginning when Karen moved to Staten Island from Arizona, Drita welcomed her back with open arms, Karen is the one who immediately ruined that friendship when she walked through Drita’s house and made reference to a picture that was on Drita’s wall in which Karen said “She use to stare at while she was riding Drita’s husband”. Right from that point i knew Karen had it out for Drita. Also, Renee initially didn;t want Karen in her circle and called her and her family rats, but now all of a sudden they are Family. Karen is just like her father, a leopard never changes its spots. She can have her father’s back all she wants he took the rap for her on an ecstasy ring they were running, but at the end of the day Sammy “the Bull” Gravano will always be known as the biggest Informant in the history of the Mob!!

  19. Shelly hudson

    I think Karen is a pig, Renee just follows behind the pig, carla goes where she can start drama and she thinks she has back up, Marissa is a whinny bitch the only 2 that made the show was Big Ang and drita .

  20. Nicole Smith

    It’s been nice watching this for the last few years but it seems everyone reverted. Karen is actually starting the trouble this time and she has Carla, Renee, and Britney and Marissa helping. Stop talking about each other to each other. Has anyone ever noticed that Drita doesn’t do that? She will mention something but she doesn’t talk about anyone until she’s just irritated. Renee used to be drama, but she’s changed and grown so much over the years. I’m really disappointed to see them all acting this way. Carla came back with a vengeance, and she’s starting shit also. I’m glad this is the last season, I can’t stomach watching this anymore.

  21. Scott Keim

    We wouldn’t even watch it if Drita wasn’t on the show anymore. But don’t get it twisted. All of them don’t want to be associated with the “life” they were once associated with either by blood or marriage. But that IS why they all have a part on the show. But I think Karen is the worst. “Don’t ever call my dad a RAT! I’ll kill you. I’ll blah,blah,blah. Face it right or wrong he ratted Gotti out and others. THATS A RAT! He took the case for you and your brother Karen,drug sales? Really? How are you gonna feel when your daughter starts using? You gonna want a “sit-down” with whoever is selling to her? You gonna “stick them in a hole too?” Relax…. Everybody get paid and move on. Let Drita do her own thing,let her raise her kids in peace,make a little money and get away from you “hood-rat,plastic surgery having,bad makeup wearing,non-job having,night-club going,luncheon meeting,shit talking drama queens. I can’t believe Sammy is OK with Storm?! Old school Gangster, come on Sammy,get these kids in ORDER!

  22. Cass

    Enough already. Why would the press go through the cast to try and get Drita for an interview. She should have people for that not to mention there are other ways to get to her. Not sure if anyone remembers but she was arrested a few weeks ago for beating up her neighbor, when she stood up about Drita and Lee taking her reserved parking spot on a constant basis. Press was trying to get in touch with her then but there was no comment on that. I loved this show and especially Big Ang. I think it’s time for everyone to grow the fuck up and let go. Life is too short. I respect Drita, I do, but fighting and arguing all the time is not a good example for those beautiful little girls she has. She’s better than that, smarter than that. Marisa never mentioned Karen when she had the sit down with her but she assumed that it was Karen who said something. These women are all over 35, it’s time to act it. If not for their own sake at least have respect for Ang and stop the nonsense,

  23. Tracy

    Its sad Drita is lrft out of everything so high skool ladies miss Ang how important was she to them when they keep turning left with the crap Drita will be fine

  24. Yvonne

    Probably Karen or Carla. They are both big mouth scary ass bitches. Straight busters!! I HATE bitches that got big mouths but won’t fight to back up their words!! Like that saying “EVERYONES A GANSTA UNTIL ITS TIME TO DO GANGSTA SHIT”

  25. Denise

    I watched the last epidesol and i think that merissa started this shit cause if you look at her face when karen and the others are talking she likes it . im with drita and ang all the way they show true friendship never did the ever fight or argue. be strong Drita your angle is watching over you

  26. Susan

    The others are probably just jealous I’m sure that fat cow Karen is

  27. Corrine

    Not for anything but enough is enough…I usually don’t write anything let people speak their mind & all comes around BUT since Big Ang passed ( God Bless You Angel), I gotta say something.Lets get things straight now I’m not going into petty bullshit just facts & certain character traits that maybe missed on some.
    First, go back and u will see that it was Karen who first opened her mouth & started after the sit down . Karen always had to have 2 or more on her side before she’s ready to talk to Drita or anyone.Her character is very tarnished by her actions even before she came on the show.NOW REMEMBER ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE LADIES!!!! Karen wanted to be a big ass & start an ecstasy ring( selling drugs to kids) while pregnant ( cause she looks out for her family),& when caught, plays victim & sends everyone including her flesh and blood to jail, that one was her father who she claims to love so much and her mom has been without for many yrs & throws him under the bus ( great daughter), then she can’t stop messing with anyone who has a good relationship (ex mom $ dad),friendship or otherwise.Shes the first to run to talk & then is telling how Lee was made to prove himself to them in order to be with her??,rewind , the only thing that she has proved is that she can’t be trusted & don’t use the pregnant as an excuse cuz they would have kept her out long enough to have her baby & her mom would have had to take care of her granddaughter as many do when their kin mess up & have to do the time for the crime.NOT KAREN SHES THE SHADE THROWER & BACKSTABBER & HAS THE BALLS TO TALK ABOUT ANYBODY IS RIDICULOUS & DISGUSTING WITH ALL HER SHIT SHES DONE SHE SHOULD BE THE LAST PERSON TO PASS JUDGEMENT OR CALL ANYONE OUT BUT I GUESS WHEN YOU DO AND HAVE DONE CONTINUE TO DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP BRINGING UP PAST BULLSHIT THAT WAS FOUND OUT TO BE JUST THAT THATS THE REAL READIN SHE LEFT AND HOPED COMING BACK ALL WOULD BE FORGOTTEN AND IT WAS UNTIL SHE ONCE AGAIN OPENED HER MOUTH SO BEFORE THINGS ARE FORGOTTEN OR NOT PUT INTO THE CORRECT ORDER MAYBE GO BACK AND WATCH FROM THE START.THIS ISNT ABOUT BEING TEAM THIS IR THAT, THIS IS STATING FACTS. AND AS ALWAYS WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS BLAME OR USE A SCAPEGOAT FAVORITE DRITA. WHICH IS WHY SHE IS A STRONG AS SHE IS AND NOT AS TRUSTING BECAUSE THE REST EXCEPT BIG ANG BLESS HER SOUL BECAUSE EVEN BIG ANG KNEW IT WAS BS WHEN THEY ACTED LIKE HIGH SCHOOL BRATS BULLING UP ON ONE. UNLIKE THEM DRITA DOESNT NEED TO GET ANYONE ON HER SIDE AND PUT PEOPLE DOWN TO FEEL BETTER AND THATS WHY IT AKWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END AND ONES WHO FLIP FLOP OR DIDNT LIKE HER IN THE END HAD A CHANGE OF HEART EHEN SEEING OTHERS DIDNT.SAD BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHOW & I REALLY LIKED KAREN AS WELL BUT SHE WENT TOO FAR AND NOW WHAT MAYBE YOU COULD TRY TO FORGET ABOUT LEAVE IN THE PAST, NOW CANT CUZ THROWING STONES SHATTERED HER HOUSE TO PIECES. I HOPE THEY CAN COME CLEAN TO THEMSELVES FIRST AND THEN GET A CONSCIENCE BEING TRUE CALLING A TRUCE SINCERELY FOR THE LOVING MEMORY AND WISH OF THEIR BELOVED FRIEND,
    BIG ANG????????????❤️????❤️❤️❤️

  28. Michele

    I think that is Karen ,I just do not like her and her Whole family,just a gut feeling,real rats in my eyes, Dita should pounce on Karen a little more,

  29. Darlene Booker

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Renee

  30. kate Bennett

    Ive watched this show for 6 yrs now Drita and Ang were the only reason I watched! The other ladies are just filler to me!

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