Drita D’Avanzo Interview – Exposes Karen Gravano, Opens Up About Big Ang, Thanks Fans For Their Support (VIDEO)

By | March 13, 2016

drita davanzo karen gravano big angMob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo gave a short interview with CBS Local detailing her tense relationship with the other Mob Wives and especially with Karen Gravano. According to Drita, Karen has been spewing lies about Drita and her family on Twitter.

As a result of Drita’s provocations, Drita says that they have arranged multiple times via Twitter and text to meet up to scrap it out but each time, Karen has been a no-show and has been referred to Karen as a “green light gangster”.

Drita also explained that she and her husband believe that Karen must be super unhappy with her own life:

“I feel really sorry for her. She is a real loser, sorry, but true.”

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11 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo Interview – Exposes Karen Gravano, Opens Up About Big Ang, Thanks Fans For Their Support (VIDEO)

  1. stacey cabral

    Drita and ang.where the best on mob wives Karen is a losser just wants attention f*** Karen .I hope drita kicks her ass..

  2. Mandy Williams

    Since day one Drita has always been my favorite!
    Love and miss big Ang ..
    Missing my show already…
    Mandylynn in minneapolis mn

  3. Jenn

    Drita is amazing…always keeps it real! You have always been my favorite besides Ang! Keep it real Drita! Condolences to you and to Ang’s family!

  4. Tracy Nguyen

    Hey karen you need to stop get fight and calm down don’t talk to drita her husband be quite I don’t like it you much drama a lot ok

  5. Karen

    I love Drita and Big Ang who is truly missed, as far as Karen the fuckn rat fat bitch she is all fuckn mouth, ide love to see Drita drop that fat rat bitch, I’m so glad Drita is getting her own show, for sure will watch, love ya Drita

  6. Heather

    Drita is smart. I think Karen’s mouth is bigger then her bite . If I were in drita situation I would do the same

  7. Tina White

    I need information on how to join Dritas Mob to become a member of her fan club, with official updates and when her book will be available!

  8. Tina White

    Love Drita…great interview, style and I’m damn sure on her team!!

  9. kia

    #Teamdrita# drita fuck that rat bitch never did like that fat rat no ass bitch drita u always keep it ???? that’s why i fucks with u

  10. Cheryl

    Very nice Drita just remember God don’t sleep

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