Drita D’Avanzo Hosting Meet & Greet In Big Ang’s Honor, Which Other Mob Wives Will Be Joining Her?

By | April 11, 2016

drita davanzo hosts big ang partyAlthough the hit series Mob Wives may be over (for now anyway), it isn’t stopping Drita D’Avanzo from hosting a special night dedicated to her close friend and late costar Big Ang.

She is hosting a Mob Hits evening in honor of Big Ang accompanied by a meet and greet portion of the night for the fans. Not only will fans get to meet her, but she is also bringing some of the her Mob Wives costars that fans can hang out with.

As we saw on the Mob Wives reunion, Drita did not end on good terms some of her other costars. So who else will be there at this Mob Hits event?

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4 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo Hosting Meet & Greet In Big Ang’s Honor, Which Other Mob Wives Will Be Joining Her?

  1. Gloria Borruso

    I would love to go but I’m sure the price of the tickets is crazy lol . I love Big Ang best 1 on the show love all the ladys but she was num 1 such a shame she had to go so young.. life sucks…at least my does most of the time. I’m from Brooklyn Bensonhurst by the way haha my whole family still lives there I’m miss it there but now that my grandma died well feelings and things change I just wanted to say I was sorry for Big Ang’s passing Gloria Borruso

  2. Ellen Johnson

    I would love the meet and greet. I love Ang and Drita.

  3. Le nor a hernandez

    Yes yes YES!!!
    I would love to meet any of them.

  4. Monica hernandez

    I am sad it is over but I’m sure it will be back . I’m sad it ended the way it did but hey karen got what she deserves. Drita is the top dog I love her and never met her I’d love to meet her but live in San antonio. Big ange was a true friend and she will be miss by many but I know her legacy live on . Drita and her were bffs and that is amazing thing to have and I’m happy Drita is doing this for her family and her fans . Love u Drita !!

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