Drita D’Avanzo Refuses To Watch Mob Wives After The Death Of Big Ang

By | February 25, 2016

drita davanzo mob wives big ang death

Mob Wives star, Drita D’Avanzo, has been through a lot this past week. The passing of her brother in law was tough, but the loss of her friend and costar Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola has completely devastated her. Drita and Ang have grown incredibly close over the last 6 seasons of Mob Wives. It has only been a week since Big Ang passed and Drita is having a hard time dealing with the fact her close friend is now gone.

She has refused to watch any more episodes or participate in the live tweets during new episodes of Mob Wives

“I will watch it when I am ready, but right now I don’t care,” said D’avanzo. “The last thing I care about is drama between the girls.”

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13 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo Refuses To Watch Mob Wives After The Death Of Big Ang

  1. Corrine Bertone

    As for the truce , I think not gonna happen.Just be at peace within cuz you were always there when they needed someone & was being picked on & you stood up for & made sure they were safe with each one of them .Thats why your the way you are and stayed that way consistly .While others flip flop every season 2-3 times each and none ever stayed true to their words longer then it took to gang up on someone to feel better about themselves .Yet you had the strength to forgive and do it all over again.Heaven got an Angel, Big ANG & left one here.Youre true real & haters will always hate even if there isn’t anything to hate that will be their reason.You have been the scapegoat too long it’s time now you be with who will have your back whether there is 2 people or 20 people & will do it again tomorrow .????❤️Respect Always Corrine Bertone

  2. Corrine Bertone

    Very Sorry Drita & For All Of Us On The Loss Of Big ANG ❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????As Well As Your Brother In Law, A Few In My Family Was Their, They Know Lee & Grew Up Together. They Said They Saw The Pain & Hurt For You.
    For The Loses & The Bulling & The BS Going Instead Of
    Focusing On What Was/ Is Important & A Lesson or 2
    To Be Learned, I For The First Of Time Had To Comment (& b4 on Karen’s GrowUp, Lost It Again)
    Here Was My Comment
    Not for anything but enough is enough…I usually don’t write anything let people speak their mind & all comes around BUT since Big Ang passed ( God Bless You Angel), I gotta say something.Lets get things straight now I’m not going into petty bullshit just facts & certain character traits that maybe missed on some.
    First, go back and u will see that it was Karen who first opened her mouth & started after the sit down . Karen always had to have 2 or more on her side before she’s ready to talk to Drita or anyone.Her character is very tarnished by her actions even before she came on the show.NOW REMEMBER ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE LADIES!!!! Karen wanted to be a big ass & start an ecstasy ring( selling drugs to kids) while pregnant ( cause she looks out for her family),& when caught, plays victim & sends everyone including her flesh and blood to jail, that one was her father who she claims to love so much and her mom has been without for many yrs & throws him under the bus ( great daughter), then she can’t stop messing with anyone who has a good relationship (ex mom $ dad),friendship or otherwise.Shes the first to run to talk & then is telling how Lee was made to prove himself to them in order to be with her??,rewind , the only thing that she has proved is that she can’t be trusted & don’t use the pregnant as an excuse cuz they would have kept her out long enough to have her baby & her mom would have had to take care of her granddaughter as many do when their kin mess up & have to do the time for the crime.NOT KAREN SHES THE SHADE THROWER & BACKSTABBER & HAS THE BALLS TO TALK ABOUT ANYBODY IS RIDICULOUS & DISGUSTING WITH ALL HER SHIT SHES DONE SHE SHOULD BE THE LAST PERSON TO PASS JUDGEMENT OR CALL ANYONE OUT BUT I GUESS WHEN YOU DO AND HAVE DONE CONTINUE TO DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP BRINGING UP PAST BULLSHIT THAT WAS FOUND OUT TO BE JUST THAT THATS THE REAL READIN SHE LEFT AND HOPED COMING BACK ALL WOULD BE FORGOTTEN AND IT WAS UNTIL SHE ONCE AGAIN OPENED HER MOUTH SO BEFORE THINGS ARE FORGOTTEN OR NOT PUT INTO THE CORRECT ORDER MAYBE GO BACK AND WATCH FROM THE START.THIS ISNT ABOUT BEING TEAM THIS IR THAT, THIS IS STATING FACTS. AND AS ALWAYS WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS BLAME OR USE A SCAPEGOAT FAVORITE DRITA. WHICH IS WHY SHE IS A STRONG AS SHE IS AND NOT AS TRUSTING BECAUSE THE REST EXCEPT BIG ANG BLESS HER SOUL BECAUSE EVEN BIG ANG KNEW IT WAS BS WHEN THEY ACTED LIKE HIGH SCHOOL BRATS BULLING UP ON ONE. UNLIKE THEM DRITA DOESNT NEED TO GET ANYONE ON HER SIDE AND PUT PEOPLE DOWN TO FEEL BETTER AND THATS WHY IT AKWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END AND ONES WHO FLIP FLOP OR DIDNT LIKE HER IN THE END HAD A CHANGE OF HEART EHEN SEEING OTHERS DIDNT.SAD BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHOW & I REALLY LIKED KAREN AS WELL BUT SHE WENT TOO FAR AND NOW WHAT MAYBE YOU COULD TRY TO FORGET ABOUT LEAVE IN THE PAST, NOW CANT CUZ THROWING STONES SHATTERED HER HOUSE TO PIECES. I HOPE THEY CAN COME CLEAN TO THEMSELVES FIRST AND THEN GET A CONSCIENCE BEING TRUE CALLING A TRUCE SINCERELY FOR THE LOVING MEMORY AND WISH OF THEIR BELOVED FRIEND,
    BIG ANG????????????❤️????❤️❤️❤️

  3. helen coachman

    Drita ple ase you original mob wives stay close it is what BIG ANG would want as she loved you all. please don’t let the newbys this season come between you all this one names fogerty is a trouble maker please don’t let her come between the ones BIG ANG loved

  4. Joan Maria

    Ang was always the peace keeper God Bless her. When the going got tough and she got the worst news she went right to Drita’s house. They were the closest Karen is such a two face she always wanted everyone to hate Dritta. No lies here just re watch the past 6 episodes. Sorry this will be the last season but Mob Wives can not go on without Big Ang. I am sure Heaven is rocking with this beautiful Angel.

  5. WYONA Knowlton

    Big Ang was the Glue of the show. God had a special plan for Ang and a very special seat next to him. She still watching over all her Loved Ones. Hopefully they will all take Angs words of
    Wisdom to heart. She only wanted to give Peace and Love to family and friends. Such a big
    Loving Caring Soul. All the ladies on Mob Wives are special but Big Ang was truly beautiful in
    Her Heart. I will miss not seeing and enjoying her on Mob Wives. Love to All and Keep
    Watching over All “Mama Bear”

  6. Rosann Cummings

    I never cry over people I don’t no but big ang. touch me like no other .so sorry for your loss Drita .she will be miss . she was such a beautiful soul God bless you all in this time.Prays for her family n friends !????????????

  7. Pamela Raccio

    Drita I Can Only Imagine How You Feel With Big Ang Gone..The Shock Is Still Hitting So Many.I’m Also So Sorry About Your Brother In Law Passing Away.You Give Yourself All The Time You Need To Watch Mob Wives..I Loved Big Ang.She Was FUNNY,LOVING,CARING And A Beautiful Lady Inside And Out..She Will Always Be Smiling Down At You..May You Find Comfort In All The Days To Come <3

  8. Rebecca

    I was in tears last night watching… I never get upset over people I do not know. There was something about Ang though, and when she came on the scene – she just brightened up the whole show. She was a special lady – and my heart breaks for how scared she was. My Mother died of stomach and brain cancer – so watching last night really kicked me in the heart. May you all have peace and comfort knowing she is now your angel watching over everyone. I pray all you girls make up and realize life is too short for drama. Here one day, gone the next. Fly high Ang – you inherited your wings. My Mother’s favorite Bible verse that gave me comfort (she also shared it with me to give me comfort): John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    Deepest Sympathy for both of your losses,
    Rebecca <3

  9. mickie

    It’s not going to be the same without big Ang.may she rip. So sorry for your loss Drita.

  10. Barbara Griec o Bosshard

    My heart goes out to you Drita, I know you were very close. To hell with anyone who has anything to say. It’s strange because when I heard Ang had passed the first thing that came to my mind was, OMG, Drita must be so upset. I loved Ang, other than you she was my most favorite. You both are tops with me. GOD BLESS you Dri and of course Angela ‘s family. You are all in my sincere prayers.

  11. Christy Green

    I totally understand and feel your sorrow.Big Ang was a very inspiring woman.She lived and seen BIG in everything and everyone around her.She will be missed and remembered by all that knew her.

  12. Magan Golden

    I totally understand where drita is coming from. Her and Ang were very close. I’m sure it’s very hard to see someone so close to you after they have just passed. She needs time to grieve. Sorry for your loss drita..Ang was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.. love and prayers coming to you and the Raiola family from Columbus Georgia we love you????????????#flytojesus #RIPBigAng #BigAng

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