Drita D’Avanzo Talks About Marriage With Lee & Possible Spin Off In Interview

By | May 9, 2014

lee and drita davanzo

In an exclusive interview, Drita dishes on her new role as the calming influence on the crazier ladies. She also seems to both sympathize with and distance herself from Renee, all the while spouting off with her trademark sailor mouth.

Why did you decide to play peacemaker?

I was in Alicia [DiMichele Garofalo]‘s shoes and I was in Renee’s shoes, so me playing mediator, I’ve been there. It sucks, but I try to help them out and make everything good.

How do you feel about Renee writing a sex novel when she’s not even having sex?

It was very confusing. If I say to you, I’m writing a how-to on makeup, you’d be like, “Oh sh*t, that’s cool.” It makes sense. That came out of left field. She said, “I haven’t been with a man in so long,” and then she also always says to everybody, “Don’t write bad things or dirty things on Twitter, I have a son.” So all these things confused us. We were just like, “What the f*** is that?” Whatever toots her f**king horn I guess.

How are things going with you and Lee?

Good. Really good. Everything’s great and this year’s like the only year he’s watching the show and actually laughing. Prior, he never watched it. But now we’re in a good place now.

What’s the toughest part about having him back in your life?

I’ve been waiting for him to be a part of my life, and now he’s part of my life and I have such a busy life. I’m like, I can’t even see him. I’m like, “Lee, we’ve got to go away for the weekend and do things.” I don’t have time. Maybe that’s why it’s working out.

What was the key to putting all that tough stuff with Lee behind you?

The one thing was that I made a pact with him and said if we are going to try to move forward, we have to make believe: Close the door and lock it and never ever talk about it again. I found out he cheated on me, but there’s a difference between being married to a cheater and someone who cheated. It’s not like it’s a constant thing and he had a million girls. People make mistakes and he proved that he changed a lot. If someone can change for you, and you can be happy and not think of the bad things, then you can do it.

What is it like to be on the other side of your drama with Lee?

I was previously like, “NEVER! I will never get back with him.” It’s hard to be famous and meet someone who loves you for you. When I look back, I’m like, “Wow. When he met me, I had nothing and he loved me to death for me and it wasn’t like I was famous and I didn’t have anything that I have today.” I feel like that means a lot.

How has Lee changed?

The way he changed his ways, he’s such a hard worker and he tries so hard, he’s so good now. I feel sorry that it’s a struggle. But he’s doing so good.

Is there talk of you coming back for another season?

Season 5 got picked up, and they definitely asked for me back.

What can you tell us about your rumored spin-off?

I wish I could talk about it, but I will call you if I get a green light to talk about something. If it happens, it will be soon.

Would Lee ever film a spin-off with you?

If I had a spinoff and asked him to come on it once and a while, that’s what I’m trying to strive for, but there would never be a Drita-Lee spin-off. Lee’s not one for TV like that. He loves his privacy. And the thing with Mob Wives, he hates the name, so it’s something he would never do. That’s a real deal street guy. He no longer is that guy but at the same time, you look back on the show and one of the husbands was on it, it wouldn’t make sense to me.

After reading the chat with Drita, I’d love to meet Lee and see the two of them interact other than on the phone! I’m only shocked that there is no mention of Method Man–maybe he’ll be a part of her spin-off…