Drita D’Avanzo’s Assault Victim Hospitalized

By | February 12, 2016

drita davanzo arrest

We learned a couple days ago that Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo got arrested over an argument her husband Lee D’Avanzo had over a parking spot. The victim, Mary, posted videos online showing Lee’s verbal exchange and Drita’s scuffle. Now it seems Mary had to be hosptialized and is fearing for her life.

After the assault, Mary claims she was in so much pain, she passed out and had to be hospitalized, later learning she had a minor concussion.

Following the fight, the victim claims the reality star had been harassing her and she fears for her life due to the couple’s mob connections.

As it stands, Mary plans to file an order of protection against the D’Avanzos, as well as have security cameras installed around her property.

The 40-year-old soon-to-be author, however, has maintained her silence over the situation. source: wetpaint.com

7 thoughts on “Drita D’Avanzo’s Assault Victim Hospitalized

  1. Sue sousa

    Drita, needs to grow up, 40, years old still fighting all the time!
    Someone needs to kick her ads, see how she’d like it ,,she’s a bully trouble making ass,,why don’t she go try ,love out ,,because love would give her a run for her big mouth!!ya, she is good mother to her younger daughter, never see her do anything with her older daughter, all about the younger one!!none of the lady’s like her ,,ya it’s her that don’t like the others, always trying to find a way to fight with one of them ,or running her mouth, and that sick husband of hers,grabbing his nuts and spit,at a lady !he has a lot of class,,class of an ass!there both need help!

  2. beatrice

    drita was always my favorite. just something about her that makes me have a lot of respect for her. you can see how she loves her kids and her kids love her. her and ang where great together. RIP ang..love you

  3. Nicole

    I love Drita, but extremely disappointed. What kind of husband gets the mother of his kids and puts her in that scenario. Over a parking spot!! Drita went with the intention s to whoop her ass. You go to someones home and fight like your 18 years old. Not saying this mary lady was in the right by reacting that way. Lee was gross. His daughters are gonna see his father acting lime an ass and what i thought was a beautiful mom, acting like a bully. Iam dissapointed, really iam.

  4. Sharon

    All this Mary wants is money and fame trash talking no good that Mary ran her mouth in front of her kids and if said drita is bad for fighting with in front kids she needs to chech her self she was neva in any fear she sold the video to tmz and yelling all kinds of things to lee and drita so she told lee to go get drita so did and uyou can see on the video she pushed drita 1st then drita hit her ….so Mary go back to porch where you belong

  5. Connie

    I think Mary ran her mouth to the wrong person ..and she said some fuck up shit about drita and I think that Mary got what she deserves …and Mary the one broke and took a ass whoopen for money..her self …I love you drita I would have beat the hat bitch ass than some …

  6. Teresa Harris

    She wasn’t in fear of her life out there yelling and running her mouth until she swung and got her ass kicked!

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