Drita Wins Top Honors in ‘Favorite Mob Wife’ Poll

By | February 1, 2013

And the winner is Drita — by a long shot.
It is clear from the results of the Cosa Nostra News poll “Who is your favorite Mob Wife?” that of the 360 people who participated, the lion’s share, 45% (or 163 votes), went to the fiery Albanian Drita D’Avanzo.
Ranking in second place, with about half the votes that went to Drita, was Big Ang, who 24% (or 89 voters) chose as their favorite Mob Wife.
The rest of the Mob Wives were stuck in the 5% to 7% bandwidth, with Renee Graziano nabbing third place, with 7% (or 26 votes) and the lowest number of votes, 5% (or 18 votes), going to Love Majewski.
Between Renee and Love were the rest of the cast: with Carla at 6% (23 votes); and Karen and Ramona each in the 5% range, though garnering a slightly higher number of voters than did Love: Karen with 20 and Ramona, 21.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE MOB WIFE?Final results for the poll*

  26 (7%)
  23 (6%)
  20 (5%)
  163 (45%)
  21 (5%)
Big Ang
  89 (24%)
  18 (5%)
* 360 readers participated