Karen Gravano & Big Ang Want Natalie Guercio Axed From The Show

By | June 30, 2015

karen and ang want natalie guercio fired

Her co-stars claimed that she has been fired from the show because of her attitude. Karen Gravano said that Guercio’s racist comments in the previous season caused the VH1 producers to re-consider who among the cast members will be returning next season.

The feud between Guercio and Gravano is nothing new. Reality Tea reported that the latter has always complained about Guercio’s attitude. She even accused her of creating a fake blog to attack her haters. She added that with her attitude, she is shocked that she was able to stay on “Mob Wives” for so long.

Gravano is not the only one who was reportedly tired of Guercio’s behavior. It was said that Big Ang was also delighted when she found out that Guercio was fired from the series. She said that her attitude was “disgusting,” adding that she has been sending the wrong message to the fans. She said that because of the constant drama caused by Guercio, most of the cast members have forgotten what the show is truly about.  source: yibada.com

3 thoughts on “Karen Gravano & Big Ang Want Natalie Guercio Axed From The Show

  1. Brooke

    I agree Ratalie has to go. I have watched the show from the beginning as a loyal fan. However, when Ratalie became a cast member it changed the dynamics negatively. She has been a toxic addition and if she thinks she has a true fan base she needs more than meds and a psychiatrist for her delusions. If she does in fact have fans who want her to stay and adore her as much as she adores herself then give her a spin off of her own show. Then lets sit back and see how long the show lasts and how the Nielsen Ratings look. She wouldn’t last one season. All of the women of Mob Wives bring something different to the show with their personalities and each are very different. However they have more than one thing in common besides their familial ties. They have class and are loveable!!! Ratalie’s ties are highly questionable and for all the class she thinks she possesses she has none. She is mean spirited, obnoxious, self-centered and has no idea of what friendship and class is about. Which unless I am confused is what the show is about. A group of lifelong friends who despite their differences, arguments and downright monumental fights never lose sight of the fact they are friends and forgive one another and are classy.

  2. Cristin P

    She is fake, phony and can never back up her words. They spend too much time on her whining about how “innocent” she is when confronted them acts hard core when on the camera but herself… Too trashy and not good enough to have in the show or waste camera rime one.. Go run your families funeral home and work with people that don’t have to hear your voice ( no disrespect to the deceased she works on)

  3. C

    Fire her and bring back Ramona…. Her drama is annoying and she doesn’t even appear to have real mob ties. #natgsucks

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