Karen Gravano Exposes Drita D’Avanzo, Tells Truth About What Really Happened During Reunion [VIDEO]

By | March 22, 2016

drita davanzo and karen gravanoAfter they aired the fight between Drita D’Avanzo and Karen Gravano on the Mob Wives reunion, Karen said there is a lot of things we didn’t see that led up to it.

She gave a little insight as to what really happened prior to the reunion filming that caused her to snap. While it was Drita that was the first to get physical, ultimately it was Karen that had to be removed from the set after she refused to calm down.

Karen said:

“What’s missing in the reunion, what people didn’t get to see is the real footage of what she said about my father. That’s why I was going so crazy.”

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11 thoughts on “Karen Gravano Exposes Drita D’Avanzo, Tells Truth About What Really Happened During Reunion [VIDEO]

  1. mary williams

    Karen,u take after your father !!!!!You were rating out Lee,,just like your father did !!So the apple didnt fall far from the tree, AND your so proud of your father murdering others, SHAME on you,

  2. Brenda

    First off, we all saw the clip and what Drita said to production right on the show and she is right. Karen brings up her dad allll the time and talks about what he did like its something to be proud of on top of Karen acting like a tough guy because who her dad is. Drita very rarely has talked about what her husband has done and in no way makes it seem like what he did was OK at least. Karen had beef with Drita from the start, how many times did she say it was squashed and then the moment Karen could she would start on Drita again. No wonder why Drita is always on the defense with Karen, ONCE during 6 seasons did Karen go to Drita about something and Drita didn’t deny it and also told Karen straight to her face that she does not consider Karen her friend but will continue to be social as a group with her, Karen didn’t like that and once her own friend Brittney started to like and hang out with Drita, Karen wanted to blame Drita from Brittney and Marissa feud. Meanwhile look at how Karen treats her friends, they are not allowed to feel or think for themselves and Karen makes them act or do things they don’t like. Like making Renee meet Brittney, demanding Brittney to respect her. No true friend acts like that. I found it funny that you brought Brittney in and demanded so much from her but let Marissa have free rein to say and do as she pleased, not once did Karen demand anything from her. As far I can see it, Brittney must of saw true characters flying and that is why she liked Drita and Big Ang and none of the others. As much as Drita assumed it was Karen who told this lie to Marissa about the men, I can see why she would because who was Marissa hanging with? Karen, Carla and Renee. I have to touch on the Love/Carla situation for a minute. I listened to dozens of interviews with Love and Love repeatedly stated that the production wanted her and Carla to fight and demanded it even threatening to fire her if she didn’t so she did attack Carla. I found it ridiculous her saying that Drita told her to go ahead as the excuse. Love is KARENS friend, as soon as Drita went outside for a smoke that night with Big Ang, KAREN walked Carla over to Love to “talk” telling her that she wouldn’t let Love attack her but ultimately did allow it! As so far as I see it, these girls needs to grow up some but don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house yourself. Karen has lied and manipulated far more than any other on this show.



  4. DanielCarmichael

    Hey Karen, Here’s an idea just shut the hell up about Drita and focus on what’s important your daughter!!!! the show is over and we’re trying to move on. As fans of the show I’m not happy with the way it ended for 5 seasons we all left on a happy note but not this year, and as far as I’m concerned I would not be surprised if you were the one flipping your lip about Drita, so again focus on your daughter and her modeling gigs leave everyone else alone.

  5. Maria

    Karen needs to realize that her father is just that a RAT he left so many kids to grow up with a dad he is a piece of body waste! She has no claim to this life she is an embrassment just like that poorexcuse of the male species she calls dad cause he is not a man he is not sammy the bull try sammy the PUSSY he is where he belongs hope he rots there Drita ia right!!!

  6. P

    Seriously – anyone who watched the last show saw that and I can’t believe you’re still harping over this. What’s done is done. You said your shit – and plenty of it. She said hers. While she may be hot-headed and has that anger rage thing, you blast your mouth all over the place and feel you have every right to speak your “truth.” Things were said, things were misinterpreted on BOTH sides. Yes, you are very loyal to your father who is a huge part of your life. Naturally so. However, the truth of the matter is that he did rat, so why are you offended when he’s labeled that? A guy called your father a rat at the bbq at Big Ang’s and you were ready to fight him over saying something that was true. He may not be one to you but he is that to his former community/ties. Back to your relationship with Drita, you are so not the innocent one in all of this so please get off the soapbox. Let it go. Go get some Reiki or some spiritual work or see a therapist to remove this much unnecessary anxiety and drama from within your head.

  7. Ruth Ann kirkwood

    You are truly a great person you are careing, kind ,giving loveing, your such a great mother. Wish you were my sister,.

  8. Ally craft

    Karen grow the fuck up u know drita will whoop that fat ass of urs all Ur lies will bite u so u just need to to kick mud bitch!!!!

  9. cheryl sheldon

    Thanks for coming on Karen and telling the truth. I have watch the show all 6 seasons. Enjoyed it very much. I knew from the beginning Drita was trouble. In the first season my daughter and I were talking about the show, and she thought Drita was great. I told her then she was trouble, and look what happen, I guess Mom wasn’t so wrong. Hope the rest of you can come together for a show next season. Would love to see you girls minus Drita. She talked about RATS, what she did about going behind you girls backs with VH1, trying to get you off the show, make false statements about your father,and messing with your income, is right up there with being a rat herself, and lying to the public, an anyone naive enough to believe her, like Brit who acts like an immature little brat. She fell for Dritas line of BS. Dritas anger built when she realized she may be outed on national tv for who she really is!! She messed with Carlas income glad you caught it . Thanks again hope to see you next season!!!!

  10. Ally

    Get over it Karen grow up drita will whoop that fat ass of urs lmao!!!

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