Karen Gravano Tells Us The Truth About Big Ang Wake Drama In Her Own Words

By | February 23, 2016


Apparently Karen Gravano was very upset at the tabloids about the rumors surrounding the Big Ang wake. Not for the rumors themselves but for the fact that she didn’t want to make it about her and her fathers past.

Over the weekend, reports suggested that Karen Gravano had been banned from Angela “Big Ang” Raiola‘s wakes.

But the Mob Wives star tells us that she decided to skip the four wakes because she was too sad about her friend’s death.

“I didn’t go to the wakes on the first day because I was very upset,” she told Radar. “The second day, I didn’t want to go because all of the buzz and didn’t want to make it about that. It was about Ang.”

According to Gravano, “there were people my father had history with, and I didn’t want to make it about that.”

“I just wanted to respect the family and go at the time that I thought was right,” she said.

For Gravano, 43, this meant attending the Raiola’s funeral services at the Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn on Monday.

“I didn’t go to the wake, but I did go to the funeral because I thought that was appropriate,” she explained. “I went to the funeral to pay respects to my friend.”

Gravano was also with Raiola, 55, when she died last week after losing her battle to stage four brain and lung cancer.

“I was at the hospital the day she passed,” she said. “I was there when she passed and to see her off.”

The reality star didn’t take the rumors to heart.

“I don’t care what people think,” she said. “We had a true relationship, and that’s all that mattered.”

According to Page Six, Gravano and cast member Brittany Fogarty were banned from the Raiola’s wakes due to “bad blood” in the familes’ past.

“I didn’t want to make it about anything other than Ang,” Gravano concluded. source: radaronline.com

8 thoughts on “Karen Gravano Tells Us The Truth About Big Ang Wake Drama In Her Own Words

  1. april Jeanniton

    OK first off, Karen always tries to make shit about herself and her rat fk of a father.. That’s all she is. She very boring an lame. So old news.. Nobody cares about her. What a disrespectful fkn bitch!!! She wasn’t a real friend to Big ANG. Like last esposide was to support ANG and about ANG and of course the scum pig had to bring up her father she like obsessed with him. He shouldn’t be released early. Karen is a clown. She is so full of her ugly self.. Samny the bull Karen looks like a Bull. He aint no gangsta he a rat bitch!! Coward he did crime do dam time be a man… Karen so fkn annoying always saying this lifestyle fkn aggravating. Karen a dam fool and is not respected.. She starves for attention and always blinking her eyes and trys to hard and puts on for the cameras. She so phoney and stupid!! She thrives off drama i Can’t stand her. She really thinks she big and bad but very far from it. She such a joke. All Bark no bite.. She full of shit and is nobody! The Apple don’t fall far from tree. Bitch Karen and Brittney was told keep ur rat asses away and I feel like she did try make it bout her. You don’t think Brittany was hurt she wasn’t able to say her see you later? Bitch said she didn’t go wake cus she didn’t wana make it bout her well u tried to crash the funeral those same people were there so was she trying to start shit she knows how people feel bout her an her family. Karen got lotta nerve to talk bout Britney an her mother being a rat when bitch ur father biggest known rat!!!!! That’s even worse!!!! He a pussy for ratting. My saying is snitches get STICHES but Rats gets BATS. …

  2. Carmela hilton

    So sorry Karen, Honey you did the right thing and A nd would have wanted you there too. So keep your chin up. Your a beautiful lady. And I offer my condolences

  3. Angie

    why do you guys keeping the Drama going to me this is so disrespectful to Big Ang and Her Family!!!! She died and you guys make it all about everyone else for your selfishness

  4. Gloria Nervana

    Karen, you are a lady with a lot of class. I think your decision was right on point. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, Big Ang and you know the truth of your relationship and you guys knew how much you meant to each other. I am sorry and happy at the same time that you were there for your friend at the end. I am a retired nurse and I know that even though we may not be able to transition with our loved one, it means a lot to have them there. Hearing is one of the last things to go so she knew you were there.

  5. cheryl sheldon

    Karen i knew that wasnt true. I know you were a good longtime friend of big ang. we know you loved her hon you dont have to prove that to any one you and Big ang know and thats all that matters. Condolences

  6. Ellen Johnson

    I don’t think any of that should of matteref. Big Ang was there for everyone. And nothing or Noone would of kept me awY. I am just a fan. I wish I could of been there.

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