Marissa Jade Interview About Mob Wives & What’s Next

By | May 26, 2016

marissa jade interview mob wivesMarissa Jade jumped on everyone’s radar at the start of this year, when she joined the VH1 reality show Mob Wives for its final season. As the new member of the cast, Marissa (who was using her off-stage last name Fiore) made her way on the series as someone who was not afraid to speak her mind and flash more skin than some of the other cast members. And, of course, there was that scuffle she had with Brittany Fogarty that quickly went from arguing to brawling.

But Jade is more than just a reality star. The single mother and native New Yorker, who’s mainly worked as a model, has a few acting credits to her name (including appearances on The Good Wife and Gossip Girl), and even served as the inspiration for a comic book series.

Enstars recently chatted with Jade about life after Mob Wives, THAT memorable altercation from the show and the status of a possible movie version of her comic book.

The last we really saw you was when the show ended in March. What are you up to these days?

Marissa Jade: I’m really trying to dabble in the acting world. I have a couple things on the table, I’m doing a pilot for a TV series…I think it’ll be a big deal. And I have a comic book out Destiny Queen of Thieves and it’s picked up to be made into a movie and I’ll be starring as Destiny in the film.

Do you feel like being on Mob Wives made you a stronger person?

I think I came out unusual [laughs]. My mother told me when I was two days old, I lifted my head and rolled around. So I don’t think it made me strong, I think maybe living on the island made me strong because being a New Yorker you get very thick-skinned.

You told Radar Online that you didn’t have any regrets about your altercation with Brittany. Is it safe to say that you two are still not on speaking terms?

She’s just not really relevant in my life. I mean, the argument wasn’t a big deal, that’s on her hands. She locked it in, she got it.

Are there any members of Mob Wives that you still talking to?

I like Paula, Renee and Karen. I’m maintaining a friendship with them.

You’re kind of known for your fashion sense. Do you have advice on what people should be wearing these days or what not to wear?

I don’t know, I don’t follow trends. I make my own. I’m a classy girl, I’ve always been, so anything that really flattered me and my petite frame, I wear. I’m not really digging the Bohemian style, I mean it’s cute, it’s just not for me. So I can’t say, “Go by what I think” because I feel like everybody has their own lane and whatever they feel comfortable in, they should wear.

You have a lot on your resume with acting, modeling and reality TV. Is there anything that you prefer the most?

I definitely enjoy them all in different ways. Modeling is my bread and butter, I’ve been doing it since I was 17-years-old. But I really want to get my feet wet in acting.

So you mentioned earlier that there’s a movie version of Destiny Queen of Thieves, the comic book that’s based on your likeness, in the works. Can you give us any details?

I wish I could talk further about it, but I will say when it is done, you will be happy.

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