Mob Wives Is Coming Back: Which Original Cast Member Is Not Returning?

By | December 12, 2017

Mob Wives was an insanely popular VH1 show. It ran from 2011 through 2016, ending after the death of one of the stars, Big Ang Raiola. Since then, the fans have been asking for a possible return. They have been bombarding social media with requests, sending creator Jennifer Graziano messages requesting a reboot. Mob Wives chronicled the lives of women who have had family members accused of being affiliated with organized crime.

The death of Mob Wives star, Big Ang Raiola was devastating for her co-stars and viewers. Her battle with cancer was chronicled on the show. Once she passed, there was a sense of needing the show to end. There was plenty of conflict among the women, and the cast changed a few times over the years. Now, a chance for a fresh start is going to be given. According to Page Six, Jennifer Graziano confirmed a Mob Wives reboot is happening. There are no details surrounding the network that will air it or the specifics about filming. Some of Mob Wives will be shot in New York, but not necessarily Staten Island.

Questions about which Mob Wives cast members will return have been circulating. As of now, nothing has been set in stone, but one cast member has ruled herself out already. According to Staten Island Live, Drita D’Avanzo will not be returning to the Mob Wives reboot. She has too many other projects on her plate. There are a lot of memories from her time on the show, and many of them are negative. With Big Ang gone, D’Avanzo isn’t willing to do it again. Mob Wives just won’t be the same according to the reality star, and some fans agree with her.

Renee Graziano is out of rehab, and since Jennifer is her sister, there is a possibility that she will rejoin the Mob Wives reboot. The other ladies have not commented on a possible return. Karen Gravano would be important to scoop up, especially because of her history with Renee and the show. With so many options possible, there is no way to determine who will return and whether or not new cast members will be added.

Mob Wives returning is exciting news for the fans who have been hoping for a reboot. When the details are ironed out, more information will be available. For now, the Mob Wives reboot has been confirmed and Drita D’Avanzo confirmed she will not be returning. Everything else regarding the show is speculation for now.

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