Mob Wives Creator Jenn Graziano Interview, Talks Behind The Scenes Secrets and Her Friendships with Drita and Karen

By | April 26, 2016

jen graziano interview

What’s a story about Ang, off camera, that you think really speaks to her character?

I mean, what you saw on camera was the same as off camera. When we were filming Miami Monkey, we all moved down to Florida for like three months together and you know she never lost a beat. She was filming two shows at once. I put this in my Instagram [but] Monday through Thursday she was shooting Mob Wives then got on a plane to go down to film Miami Monkey.

She never had a day where she went nuts on anyone because she was exhausted. She still fed the crew. Everyday after summer, [imitating Big Ang] “Where we gonna go? Let’s go to Mr. Chows.” Anything I wanted I could have had. If I wanted to go to Florida she’d say, “Here’s the keys to my condo, just go. You can use my car, you can wear my clothes, I don’t care.” That’s just the way she [was] and that came across on camera and off.

Did she always want to avoid drama? I remember when Carla said on camera, during her cameo on season five, that Ang told her Drita wasn’t her real friend and Ang didn’t seem to like that she said that on the show.

She got mad. I’ll be honest with you. She got a little bit, not mad, but she was like “Carla, why’d you do that?” She [was] an honest person and she’s gonna tell you what it really is but she don’t want what she’s going to say to cause a big fight. I think when she told Carla that, she was looking out [for her] and it was more like, “Keep your eyes open but don’t go saying, I said it.” She did get a little annoyed because she didn’t want to be dragged into the drama

Your family’s life played out a lot on television. How has this affected your relationship with the family we don’t see on TV?

I don’t think it changed our family dynamic much. I mean, in the beginning, my father didn’t speak to us but everybody knows that. It took a few years, when he was in jail he didn’t get VH1 so he didn’t even watch the show [but] he was furious about it, regardless of what he knew about it or not. He didn’t really talk to people who watched the show because no one in the jail was watching it. It took him a while from when he got home, and he still didn’t watch it, but at least other people on the outside were saying, “Okay, Anthony, they’re not talking about the men. They’re not telling anybody secrets.”

I think it took everyone a while, including my father, to realize alright they’re not hurting us. Their intentions are not to hurt us. [The show] was really about the women and I think people drove that home to him and then finally he was able to kinda make amends with that. He’s never fully accepted it, but he’s made amends. We still do our family dinner, every holiday we’re all together. No one treats Renee like she’s you know a celebrity. She’s still Renee. I think we’re exactly the same.

What’s next for your career? What can you tell us?

I have actually set up two scripted shows at major networks. I also have a couple of unscripted shows in development right now [and] one of them is being sought after by networks. I really do see myself doing another reality series but my goal and heart is gonna be in the scripted world. I’m very happy, one is a comedy and one is a drama.

Are your new projects about the lifestyle at all?

No, I do get the fact that that’s where I’m from but I don’t want to be pigeonholed. If there was a project I was passionate about and I really wanted to do I wouldn’t shy away from it, but it’s not something I’m looking to run after right now because I want to spread my wings a little bit. They’re completely in two different arenas. I also have have something for Renee in development. We’re hoping we’ll be able to see her again very soon. It’s definitely something, a lot lighter where you can see her funny side come through.

source: vh1