Mob Wives: “I’m Not Getting Involved,” Sneak Peek Ep 7

By | February 22, 2013

I’m not getting involved.

Well VH1 has released an excellent sneak peek for episode 7, “First Look:No Love Lost” airing Sunday at 10 PM/9C. I cannot wait to tune in. Drita gets together with Karen and Love to discuss Carla. Drita, sticking to her word about no fighting, says quite emphatically that she is NOT getting involved with whatever drama is going on. Drita says she would like there to be peace, but if not she is not getting involved in anything. She needs peace in her life. Drita feels that she has been placed in the middle of every situation and she hates it. Love goes on the explain that Carla got “lippy” with Karen, who exercised great self control. Karen adds, “there were many occasions where she wanted to get up and smash her f*ckin’ face in.” (Who could have imagined that Karen and Drita would be chatting about Carla?) Everyone agrees that Carla is “not a fighter, but she does run her mouth.” Love is prepared to knock all of Carla’s teeth out if she talks about her. Drita has to speak up on Carla’s behalf because she says Carla has always been good to her and stuck up for her. So she feels they should understand her position. Love says, “We have all defended the defenseless.”  Drita agrees. But Drita is concerned because of the way Carla has treated and spoken to Renee. Love brings up the Carla/butterknife incident and says she would have made Carla “eat it. No one is picking up a knife to me or they are leaving stabbed 12 times. It’s just not happening.”

It seems to me that Carla has really turned everyone against her. Can Drita be far behind? Deep down even Drita knows that there is going to be some tension and drama for what Carla has done to Renee. Is there any way Drita can defend that? Carla has really placed Drita in a difficult position of either defending her or defending what is right. What will Drita do? Meanwhile, has anyone caught the little snarky tweet Carla sent to Drta last episode? Carla to Drita, “@DritaDavanzo love ur facial expressions .Is it because of all the bullshit ur listening too. Lmaooo”  

What do you think?

Picture & Video Credt: VH1