Mob Wives: Joe & Carla Unhappy With “Reality?”

By | February 27, 2013

It seems that after episode 7, “No Love Lost” aired Sunday night, both Joe and Carla were venting about editing. According to them, editing is slanted to show the negative, but not the positive, in an effort to create “drama,” which is what the viewers want. So even though Joe had some pretty negative statements to make against Carla on the air, on Twitter he often comes to her defense. Carla was also a little vocal about the way a particular scene went down, indicating that she said some positive things to Drita that were cut. Here is what Joe had to say:

There is no question that after filming hours of video for 40 minutes of television, a lot is going to get cut. The question is, does the editing change or manipulate the “reality” so we see what they (the producers) want us to see OR are the cast members playing up the drama for more air time, even if it’s not how they really feel. Joe seems to talk about Carla one way on television and another on his timeline. It’s confusing. Maybe it’s a little of both. Maybe editing doesn’t give a balanced view, but a skewed view of certain situations. It could be a time issue, a drama issue, or a storyline issue, if producers want things to go a certain way. Here is what Carla had to say:

I’m sure this is the case with all reality shows and every cast member has probably been a victim to editing at one time or another. I specifically recall one scene that I found totally unbelievable and I blamed it on editing. It was the scene where Karen had a sit down with Carla and she went from angrily getting in her face to saying let’s be friends in a couple of minutes. Something was definitely cut out of that scene because it was so uncharacteristic of Karen and it made her look ridiculous. It would be interesting to have cast members talk about their issues with editing, but I’m sure that subject is taboo. Besides, if they complain, it’s comes down to biting the hand that pays them. Meanwhile, we always have their “vents” on Twitter to rely on. Who will be editing’s next victim? Stay tuned.

Picture Credit: Twitter