Mob Wives Karen Gravano Tells Drita D’Avanzo To “Grow Up”

By | March 8, 2016

karen gravano tells drita grow up

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano says her costar Drita D’Avanzo got arrested because she plain and simply needs to “grow up.”


Getting into fist fights is “not really as appealing at 40,” she added.

“I just think that at some point in your life, you just have to grow up. That whole persona you built of yourself of, ‘I beat people up,’ that just needs to just go,” Gravano told Confidenti@l. “To go to people’s houses and want to beat them up over a parking spot is just ridiculous.”

“At some point you have to realize that you’re a mother and a role-model for other people,” she said of D’Avanzo, “Or you should be a role model for other people.”

She added, “You have to put that to rest.”

6 thoughts on “Mob Wives Karen Gravano Tells Drita D’Avanzo To “Grow Up”

  1. Charity

    Thank you Karen! What I have been saying. I feel so sorry for her girls. I hope you three ladies (Renee, Carla, and you) come back with a show and include Ramona and Love in it as well. Show more of what all you ladies do in your lives.

  2. Renee Benson

    im sorry but what if it was your man and that lady started it and swung at drita first

  3. Corrine Bertone

    Sadly I did like you but you constantly put your foot in your mouth & on the last episode you went to far & seeing what you wrote.Enough is Enough with you.Either Shut Up & stop stirring stuff up so people won’t look at you and the bullshit your doing and how it’s you starting or take your beaten.Then again you can’t take responsibility for your actions, another thing you throw on others BUT AGAIN ITS YOU ( throwing your flesh in blood under the bus leaving people without but your big and bad do the right thing, ) If not for you maybe for Big ANG , make things right until then shut the F up

  4. Corrine Bertone

    Really??Karen you need not be telling anyone about anything.Especially loyalty( you threw your own flesh in blood in jail) & growing up ( you pick on & bully newbies & only when you have 3 or more ppl , security around ) because you can’t stop running your mouth.As for saying being a mom, again don’t tell others about raising their children & showing them right from wrong because once again you have shown what NOT to do!!!!Im being as polite as I can because I usually don’t write comments but because of you running your mouth this is twice I commented on your stupidity as if you have forgotten day one you been on the show & the shit u said did & continue to do & not to mention due to your ties to the producer this is the best light you can be put in ???? How SAD for your daughter. Hopefully you will get right & start gluing all the pieces to your house together & become a real woman & make amends & start doing right instead of starting fights that & for others to do because you’re all mouth..

  5. jane

    Karen, after watching all that disgusting language spewing out of your big mouth because you are jealous of Drita, your statement makes me laugh! Wasn’t it YOU that was just talking about breaking someones jaw, yea it was. How the hell can you say this about Drita when you are worse. You think you some hot shit because your family has been in and out of jail and that’s your claim to fame? Maybe you should grow up, shut up and take care of yourself and your daughter.

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