Mob Wives Meet Staten Island Law Wives?

By | February 4, 2013

How did I wind up in Staten Island on both sides of the law, stuck between a butter knife and a gavel? I don’t know, but I love Mob Wives and Staten Island Law, so there you have it!

In fact, I was just sitting here missing my two favorite Staten Island Reality Shows, Mob Wives thanks to the Super Bowl, and Staten Island Law which is getting a new day and time slot on OWN. My brain kicked into overdrive and I started wondering about all the possibilities and potential for all these ladies to meet. The Mob Wives have a series of conflicts and the Staten Island Law wives are mediators! Sounds like a match made in heaven (or hell) right? This might make for some great television, but why is it I am the one who always has to come up with these great ideas? Will someone make me a producer or an assistant producer already?

Okay, it may not be a good idea to get rid of all the drama on Mob Wives, even if they could. Staten Island Law may not be as successful making peace and finding resolutions in this toxic arena as they are with the ordinary issues of everyday people. In reality, the shows are at odds with each other. One seeks to find peace, the other can’t help but go to war. But imagine the possibilities? Here are just a few sessions of mediation I’d like to propose (and this will also serve as a review of season three so far).

Case #1 – Carla and Renee are fighting the “You called me whore/You called me junkie” war. Big Ang and Drita failed to make peace at their “sitdown,” although Renee says she is willing to be in the same room as Carla. I’m not so sure those two can be around each other any more. I wonder what Michele and Elura would advise each of them to do? Maybe there comes a point when there really has been too much water under the freakin’ bridge for any mediation?

Case #2 – Carla and Joe are at odds. She doesn’t think he needs such a big house, she doesn’t think he needs his girlfriend to move in, she doesn’t think Raquel contributes to the household finances, she doesn’t think the kids are getting enough attention, she doesn‘t think Raquel should mother the kids…she just doesn’t think, period. Poor Joe just wants to move on with his life and be happy. He seems happy with Raquel. Raquel loves his kids. Raquel and Joe love each other. How is Joe going to get Carla to give him an amicable and speedy divorce? I can’t imagine Michele and Elura trying to reason with Carla on Joe’s behalf. What I do envision is Carla pulling a butter knife out on the mediators, calling them clowns and telling them to mind their own f*ckin’ business, it’s her f*ckin’ life!

Case #3 – Carla and Love have issues. Love has heard that Carla has been talking about her all over Staten Island. Carla dated Love’s ex while Love was dating him. Carla is dating Handy Man, who was dating Love for a short time, until she broke it off. Why is Carla dating Love’s “leftovers?“ Love and Carla need a sit down/confrontation (and I want to be there). Would Michele and Elura want to mediate and get in the middle of these two, knowing Love’s violent history and that Carla is a liar?

Case #4 – We can assume that Carla is not in good standing with Ramona and Karen either. I’m sure they don’t like it that she called their dear friend, Renee, a junkie and disrespected her with a butter knife, while she is going through a very rough time. That’s not how they roll. Don’t you think they want to confront Carla about that? Would Michele and Elura be able to smooth things over between these three?

Case #5 – Karen has her issues with Dave. Should he be bringing his girlfriend into her home and disrespecting her? Considering the fact that he says he has a good job in Arizona, shouldn’t he have offered to pay rent by now? Should Karen give him a 30 day notice and kick him out? If he hasn’t paid rent, does she even need to give him 30 days? I think Michele and Elura can advise Karen what to do legally. And, maybe they can find a way to help her get rid of Dave without alienating Karina. Oh, and hopefully they can get some child support for Karina? College is expensive after all.

Case #6 – And then there is Drita and Lee. Sure Drita is all happy and excited and hopeful about their future right now. It’s the honeymoon period. But soon reality will set in. If they intend on working on the marriage and getting back together, Drita may want to set some ground rules for their relationship. She has some serious concerns. Who wouldn’t? Lee made some bad mistakes and has to reestablish trust. Enter Michele and Elura to draw up a “post prison release nuptial agreement.” Drita is making the big money now. She needs to protect her assets, her heart and her girls.

I would really love the hear what Elura and Michele have to say on any or all of these conflicts. I can already hear some of their lines playing in my head. “Renee and Carla aren’t right in the head, for mediation.” “Joe should stick to his guns about the divorce.” “Carla? She thinks who she is.” “Not for nuttin, Dave needs to move out of Karen’s house and pay child support.”

What do you think? Can mediation work in any of these cases? I’m not sure, but one thing I do know, if there is to be any kind of mediation, Michele and Elura would be perfect for the job.

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