Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo’s Engagement Ring

By | March 6, 2013
Will the real ring please stand up?

Recently someone pointed me in the direction of a site exclusive in regards to Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo’s engagement ring.  Nice post, however I wasn’t buying it.  I am old.  I am crazy.  And I admit to needing glasses when on the computer & driving.  However, my memory is intact.  The absolutely fabulous ring pictured from Rafaello & Company didn’t even remotely look like the ring featured on the show.

Yes, the ring we saw on last Sunday’s episode was huge.  However, I did not think it was remotely cute.  The ring featured on Celebuzz is absolutely gorgeous with a capital G.  Leaving me to question myself: How could you not like the ring as you watched the show & love it now?

So it hit me, we have a RingGate going on season 3 of Mob Wives.  We are all entitled to our opinions.    My opinion is the ring filmed is NOT the ring featured on Celebuzz.  Stevie Wonder & Helen Keller may have a different take on RingGate.  Did the ring filmed fall off of the back of a truck?!  Anything is possible with our beloved Mob Wives.  Do you think they’re the same ring?  If so tell me why in the comments.

Next week, oh hell I don’t know what happens next week.  All I know is that I am watching.  I am loving a happy non beefing Karen Gravano.  I am rooting for Renee Graziano to win her battle with addiction.  I can stop cracking up watching Love Majewski.  I even find the softer Drita D’avanzo likable per television.  She is no longer my least favorite.  I don’t know what you’re watching next Sunday @ 10PM.  I will be watching Mob Wives on VH1 and DVRing it to watch it again.  You can click here to read Celebuzz’s exclusive on Ramona Rizzo’s engagement ring.  Rafaello & Company has a long list of celebrity & reality personality clientele.  Did you notice the ring featured on Celebuzz does not have the large prongs around the center stone?  Did you notice the ring pictured above has a thicker band?