Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo’s Wedding to Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani

By | February 15, 2013
A mob wife plans to get hitched to an alleged mobster.

Recently Twitter, my inbox and the internet has been a buzz concerning Ramona Rizzo’s upcoming nuptials to Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani.  You didn’t read a peep from The Mob Wives Blogspot until now.  Thanks to one of our readers Fans of Mob Wives who asked the question, “Are you slipping?”  Hot damn I love most of our readers.  I decided to put down my chips & cookies and share my thoughts on the matter.

Frankly it took me a bit to digest this news.  Months ago I had heard whispers of Ms. Rizzo getting engaged.  I scratched my head because her boyfriend is in jail.  I get it’s 100% her call & choice.  It’s not something I’d be up for, so it’s a bit perplexing to me.  So imagine when I was told there were plans for a big wedding.  *scratching head again*  I don’t know about your idea of a wedding.  I know growing up it included a bride and a groom.  When the groom didn’t show up, fathers grabbed shotguns & dolled up brides-to-be cried their make up off.  As a young adult, I started to receive wedding invitations in which there were two brides and no groom or two grooms and no bride sharing their vows.  

Karen Gravano & Ramona look stunning in white.

I turned to Chiara a couple of days ago and asked, “How in the Hell do you have a big wedding with a 500 guest list & the groom is behind bars?”  

Chiara’s response, “Ramona is my girl.  I love her.  I ain’t touching this one.  I have to cook dinner. Bye!”  She was a big lightening rod of information.

It’s common for inmates to get married with the Officiant and a couple of witnesses.  An elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests is completely out of the question even if you’re an alleged mobster.  I think it’s great that Mr. Sclafani wants his fiance to celebrate their love in a big way.  However, a wedding involves TWO people sharing their vows of commitment.  So if you ask me, yes I know you didn’t.  The 500+ wedding people are typing, e-mailing, tweeting and bumping their gums about is instead an over-the-top reception minus the groom.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  We have no doubt whether simple or elaborate Ramona Rizzo will make a stunning bride.  She’s a beautiful woman.  We wish the future Mrs. Sclafani the very best in life & love.  

 Don’t forget to watch VH1 @ 10PM on Sundays to witness the Mob Wives in action.  Word on the streets and Twitter is things are heating up in Staten Island.  And we’re not typing about TV dinners either.

We’re so glad our Bookie is back!