Mob Wives: Recap “Mama Drama,” Ep 309

By | March 11, 2013

First what we didn’t see!

“I want noooooo weapons on the table,” says Big Ang.

The Christmas Party at Big Ang’s house held a few surprises. Renee and Love could not make it, Love was sick and Renee didn’t want to see Carla. Big Ang says, “It’s jolly, jolly,” at her house. She has the decorations up and the food cooked. Drita arrives first and says she loves the tree. Big Ang tells her Ramona got engaged and Drita is shocked. Then Drita says Ramona’s boyfriend is facing some serious time and she wouldn’t wish that on her. Ang says it’s a touchy subject so she shouldn’t bring it up.  Karen comes to the door wearing a Santa hat, everyone loves it. Then Ramona follows right behind Karen. Drita congratulates Ramona. They are waiting for Carla, who no one has seen recently. Karen makes it clear she is not happy with Carla right now. She only tolerated her because she was Renee’s friend. Karen says that she and Ramona can’t stay late because they are going to Arizona in the morning. Big Ang says Carla is on her way. They joke about Carla and the butter knife incident. They all start eating because Carla is late.

“Carla has no soul, no loyalty”, says Karen.

The door bell rings, it’s Carla. Ang tells her they are already eating. Carla is happy because Renee didn’t come. The first thing Carla wants is some white wine. Ang notices that Karen and Ramona are giving Carla the “cold shoulder.” Big Ang decides to take away all the knives and forks, no weapons at her table, maybe she will start using plastic utensils. Drita say there is tension, silence and awkwardness. Karen says she will break the ice and starts talking to Carla. She tells her she heard about the butter knife and didn’t like it. Ramona says she heard that Carla was waving it in Renee’s face. Big Ang doesn’t think it was their business to bring it up, they weren’t there. Carla tries to defend herself saying that Renee said a lot of bad things about her and she was mad. Ramona she should have showed her compassion, she has a problem with addiction, give her a free pass. Carla says she doesn’t care about Renee any more. She’s done. Ramona says you don’t wave a knife or anything else in someone’s face. Drita can’t help but speak up and says, “If you would have waved a knife at me I would have shoved it down your throat.” She tells Carla she crossed the line and was wrong. Ramona is shocked and loves Drita for speaking up. Then Carla takes credit for Renee going to rehab (yes you read right). She tells them she gave Renee tough love and that’s what made her go to rehab. Karen is disgusted with Carla and Karen and Ramona pick up their things and leave.

Karen and Ramona go to Arizona to talk to Dave. Karen has a lot of things to get off her chest. It’s a surprise visit. Ramona is going to have Karen’s back. Karen is upset because Dave didn’t tell her about his girlfriend, she had to hear t from Karina. She is also concerned because she doesn’t know this person who is spending a lot of time with her daughter. Karen needs to know what is going on.

Karen and Ramona arrive at her house in Arizona. Dave is not there. He should be home from work by now. The dog is there. Ramona tells Karen they need to check the house to see what they can find there. They want to know if the girlfriend is living there. Instead they learn that none of Dave’s stuff is there. He has moved out and is living with “Becky Putana,” as Ramona likes to call her. Karen doesn’t want to believe that Dave moved out and never said anything to her. She is paying all the bills and a mortgage for the dog to live there. She is getting more upset and angry.

“Why do you care so much about him?” asks Karina.

Karina arrives at the house. Karen called her mother and asked her to bring Karina over. Karen is thrilled to see Karina and starts asking her about Dave. Karen feels that Karina is hiding things from her. Karina asks her why she wants to know so much about Dave. Karina let’s Karen know she has been talking to Dave’s girlfriend, Becky, about her issues in school. Karen is visibly upset. She wants Karina to go to her with her problems, no matter if she is thousands of miles away, she is still her mother and there for her. Karina is being sarcastic and disrespectful and Karen doesn’t like it. Karen gets very emotional. Karina has an attitude with her for no reason and she tells her to leave the room. Karen feels like the odd man out. Dave walks in and wants to know what Karen is doing there and what is going on.

“I did the same amount of time that you did here on the outside,” says Karen.

Dave says hello to Ramona and Karen. Karen says she is upset and had to come. She feels everything is becoming more and more of a mess. Dave confirms he is living with Becky and he comes to check on the dog. Karen says he owes her an explanation. He says he didn’t feel like telling her he moved out, he doesn’t answer to her or report to her. Karen feels he is provoking her to go nuts. He tells her he acts the way he does because he has been in prison for ten years and that’s how it affected him. He acts like he is the only one that was affected by his prison time. Karen explodes. She tells him she was doing time too. She raised their daughter alone. She waited for him and sacrificed having other children. She suffered too. She says she has always been upfront with him and helped him get on his feet when he got out of prison. And now he repays her by disrespecting her. She says she wants to meet this girlfriend, who spends so much time with their daughter.

When Dave leaves, Ramona comes back out. She starts telling Karen that she should be with Dave. He looks great. Karen looks at her like she is crazy, one minute she hates Dave the next she wants Karen to get back with him. Ramona flips the script and does a 180 on Dave. Karen is stunned by Ramona’s new attitude.

Karen shows Ramona around Arizona. She takes her to Sammy’s old business location, after he left witness protection. She tells the story of how she and her brother got involved with an ecstasy ring, with a friend of his. She recalls how their home was raided one day and they were all taken away. She says her dad took the fall for all of them and is doing 20 years in prison, while Dave and Gerard got ten years and she got probation. Karen feels bad for her father.

Karen meets up with Gerard, her brother, in a secluded place, to discuss her father. Gerard tells her he is in the “hole” (solitary confinement) for security reasons. He tells her they might transfer him. Gerard has been doing some research and tells Karen there may be a way for them to get their father out of prison. There is some kind of law involving “upward departure” that was violated and they added an extra five years to Sammy’s time without his knowledge. Sammy made a plea deal for 15 years prison time, but he got 20 years. Gerard says they have to appeal. Suddenly there is a helicopter overhead. Gerard gives Karen the keys.

“I don’t need an attack dog cause I am an attack dog,” says Love

Love, Drita and Big Ang meet at Renee’s house. Renee is taking them all on a trip. They have no idea where they are going. Renee has had issues with safety and security for a while now. She has had an alarm system installed and has finally moved into her bedroom. However, she feels she needs more protection for her and AJ and that’s why she has decided to look into getting an attack dog! That is where she is taking all the girls, and she even rented a car to drive them. Love says that she doesn’t need an attack dog, she is an attack dog! Renee says a dog would make her feel better, but Drita is afraid the dog will be confused because Renee screams a lot all the time.

“I love animal aggression,” says Love

They drive to Connecticut for three and a half hours. No one is happy about the length of the trip. It’s too far away. When they finally arrive at the location, Renee sees the dogs and says they are all regular dogs. Renee wants a killer dog. The people who own the attack dog business say they will demonstrate what the dogs do. They take out a German Shepherd and Drita immediately backs away. She is afraid and she knows dogs sense fear. Love says she loves animal aggression. The guy tells Renee the dogs start at $15,000. Renee has more questions to think about like is this the right kind of protection and can she afford it.

Drita and Carla go to visit her new makeup store across the street from the Drunken Monkey. Drita wants to see what progress is being made in the renovations that Big Ang’s brother, Louis, is doing.  Drita is anxious to open it soon and start making money. Carla’s birthday s coming up and Big Ang and Drita are her only friends. They talk about Lee for a minute. Drita says that Lee has to understand that she wants him in her life, but doesn’t NEED him in her life. Drita says she told Lee she sold her ring to get the money to start her new business. Carla says she needs to advertise.

“I have a new chapter in my life it’s called, Carla moved on…” says Carla. (I’d like to change it to moved on and off the show).

Carla’s party is a night out with the girls: Drita, Big Ang and her two friends from Brooklyn. Drita wants Carla to know she is till her friend even though she took Karen and Ramona’s side at the Christmas party. Carla tells them how well her boyfriend gets along with her kids. She says she is getting a divorce and moving on with her life. It’s a new chapter for her. Her friends are strictly fun, no drama queens. Drita is happy for Carla.


It’s hard to go to sleep right after Mob Wives. My head was spinning last night. My two cents were trying to get out, but they had to wait till this morning. It all boils down two major drama situations: the “cousins” confronting Carla and Dave.

Before I get into anything serious, I have to say to Renee, I don’t think she needs an attack dog. I understand her fears and concerns, but I would explore all other security options available.

As for Karen and Ramona’s trip to Arizona, all I can say is Dave has a lot of nerve treating and talking to Karen the way he has been. I don’t understand it. He never explained it or apologized for it. What the hell is he thinking? When he left her last season, and at the reunion, they were on good terms. Suddenly, he is doing things behind her back that affect their daughter and not being open with her. He avoids her phone calls and doesn’t return them because he is too busy? He has a girlfriend, introduced her into their daughter’s life and never mentioned it. He had her in Karen’s house and probably her bed, disrespecting her home. Then he moves out and never says a word? The dog is living there while Karen pays all the bills? And when she asks him about all these things, he gets on his high horse and says he doesn’t report to her! I don’t know how in the world Karen didn’t go nuts last night. She really deserves credit for holding it together.

Karen’s scene with Karina hit a nerve with me and I’m sure many other mothers. There is something about daughters reaching their teens and lashing out at their mothers, that is heartbreaking and normal at the same time. Haven’t many of us experienced this same thing? From the moment they hand you that baby girl, you love her and want the best for her always. You want to give her the world. You want her to be happy and independent. She is your little sidekick. You are best friends. She comes to you for everything. She looks up to you. You cuddle together. You do things together. Then she becomes a teenager. Everything changes. You butt heads over everything. She is disrespectful, has an attitude, rolls her eyes, thinks she knows better than you. And, she makes you cry. She has no idea how hurtful her words and attitude are and, even when she sees your tears, they don’t seem to move her to apologize. I know it’s all about daughters finding their own identity apart from their moms, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I know Karen and Karina will make it through these teenage years and come out stronger on the other side, but I also know how Karen feels. It’s not helping matters that she has to live so far away from Karina at this stage of her life. I hope they always keep the lines of communication open and that Karina comes to live with her in New York.

Just one more word, about Ramona…WTH was she thinking telling Karen to get back together with Dave? I was stunned myself and thought I was hearing things. Clearly, if Dave can be so thoughtless, disrespectful and inconsiderate after all Karen has done for him, then it’s time for her to move on with someone who really appreciates her. Period.

Of course you knew I was saving the Christmas party for last, right? Carla, the prima donna, arrives late to the party. So late, in fact, everyone has to start eating without her. Why? Because it wouldn’t be the first time she called at the last minute to say she wasn’t coming to a party. Carla has been down playing the “butter knife” incident on Twitter, saying she “talks with her hands” and just happened to be holding a butter knife. Here are a couple of pictures from this past weekend shared on Twitter, where she mocks the incident:

Let’s just get a couple of things straight. We know Carla wasn’t going to attack Renee with the butter knife, she doesn’t have the balls. However, Carla started raising her voice, got up from her chair (which, according to Mob Wives previous episodes, is a sign of aggression), she was holding a butter knife, Renee told her to put it down, AND then she said, “I want to stab you!” Now, no one put those words in Carla’s mouth and no one edited it so she sounded like she was saying those words. She said them, she held a knife, she took an aggressive stance. To say she disrespected Renee would be an understatement. Renee would have had every right to attack her physically, but she didn’t. Renee didn’t even stand up. Fast forward to last night. Karen and Ramona found it difficult to be cordial to Carla. I think they were generous offering her a “cold shoulder” and even showing up. Renee is their friend. They love her. Karen took the bull by the horns and told Carla exactly how she felt about the way Carla treated Renee. Ramona backed her up. It was wrong. However, Big Ang (the Mob Wife formerly known as Switzerland) doesn’t think it’s their business, they weren’t there. Oh no? Does that mean Ang thinks it was okay for Carla to behave that way towards Renee? I have to wonder. Meanwhile, I have to give huge props to Drita for speaking up and telling Carla, “I would have shoved that knife down your throat.” Drita was there, and she saw and heard everything. She said Carla was wrong, and she is Carla’s friend. Carla was totally out of line, she should admit it. She downplays her actions instead of owning them, and her little online minions make her out to be the victim of bullying. What the hell show are they watching? Then, the icing on the cake is when Carla wants to take credit for Renee going to rehab thanks to her “tough love.” Doesn’t she realize how ridiculous that comment was to make? She doesn’t need any help making herself look bad, she has been doing a fine job of it on her own.

As for Carla’s birthday party, the 11th anniversary of her 35th birthday, it was pretty low key and simple this year…much like Carla herself.

And why are we wasting so much time on Carla, when we could be watching Love? Just sayin’. VH1 get a clue! Follow Love on Twitter @LoveMajewski

P.S. Thanks to @CarmelaCorleone for the favorite quotes of the night!

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