MOB WIVES Rumors, Renee Rehab Drama, Drita’s Husband UPDATE!

By | February 2, 2013

Mob Wives can sure get intense. First lets start off with Renee Graziano, who’s been dealing with a lot of emotional issues and causing her to be depressed. Especially after her husband Junior turn snitch, left her high and dry.  Also, a nasty parting gift of prison time for her dad. Poor Renee has been a total wreck.

Renee a Taurus girl who’s been self medicating to deal with her emotional issues, sadly has become addicted to pills. After realizing she has a serious problem,  Renee  decides that she needs professional help. Her son, Karen, and Ramona don’t really think she needs rehab, but in the end they’re still there to support her decision. Renee is determined to head to Florida to begin her treatment, and takes her son with her.

Karen has a Mob Wives issue of her own to deal with. Her daughter reveals her father now has a girlfriend and is staying at Karen’s home in Arizona.  Karen who recently split from her husband, decided they needed a time out and according to him they agreed to see other people.  Reality has bit Karen in the ass and she’s not too happy. Karen continues to question her daughter and is shocked to find out that Daddy’s girlfriend is picking her up from school.

Karen has a heart to heart with Ramona, who encourages her to head to Arizona immediately to handle the situation. Karen’s upset about the fact that her ex has a serious girlfriend.  Is she having second thoughts about the split?  After all, another women is spending time with her man and daughter. She’s never met the chick and is probably concerned about who this girl is.  Should Karen fly all the way to Arizona to deal with this? Or should she just pick up the phone and call the father of her child to discuss things? It’s always an awkward situation when parents break up, and one parent starts dating someone else. It often takes a while before one parent can get comfortable with someone else being around his or her child.

Drita D’Avanzo’s husband Lee has been locked up for bank robbery, and neither she nor her kids have seen their father in over 2 years. Her eldest daughter Aleeya 9, and her youngest Gizelle who is only 3 have agreed to go see him. Drita an Aquarius makes it known that she would never deny her kids a visit with their dad. Drita’s nervous about seeing her husband after so many years. Does she still love him? One of her main reasons for making the trip, she doesn’t want her kids to forget their dad. Regardless of his incarceration, they need to feel their father’s love.

Finally Drita’s kids get to meet their father, while she barely said anything. Overwhelmed with emotion, Drita spends all her time in the bathroom crying. Do you think the children are too young to be visiting their father while he’s in jail? As long as the children want to see their father, and they aren’t forced to go on a visit it should never be a problem. I think Drita did the right thing as a parent. The big question is will Drita and her husband get back together?


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