Mob Wives Season 7 – More Evidence The Girls Will Be Back!

By | March 11, 2016

mob wives season 7The evidence is starting to pile up that the girls of Mob Wives aren’t done quite yet.

Since the season finale of Mob Wives final season, we’ve been curious as to what’s coming next… A spin-off from Drita, a differetn king of show Big Ang wanted, or a continuation with another season of Mob Wives?

On Thursday, a fan tweeted Karen Gravano, expressing their hope for a new TV show featuring the cast or another season of “Mob Wives” on another network.

Karen’s response: “Working on it.”

Renee Graziano’s sister Jennifer Graziano, who created and is executive producer of Mob Wives shared a photo on Instagram with Karen and Carla Facciolo.

This is what she said: “In Miami working on a project together.”

It’s looking like things are cooking, we just hope Drita can and wants to be a part of it.

Just before filming the final “Mob Wives” reunion, Drita expressed her joy of never having to see Karen, Carla or Renee ever again.

“The only thing I’m excited about is knowing this is the last day I ever have to be with these crazy ass mofos…” Drita said.

Wouldn’t we all love to see more of the girls of Mob Wives? Let’s see what’s in store.

15 thoughts on “Mob Wives Season 7 – More Evidence The Girls Will Be Back!

  1. Big Mama

    Drita is a big mouth asshat who was starting crap the whole time,And she is a follower and can’t do anything on her own. I mean lets face it I think she is Jealous of Karen and has to write a book as well?? Wow Really when she was pissed off about Karen writing one??? get real, anyways Drita is a punk herself and has the mentality of a turd.! I bet Lee is messing around on her and she is an idiot for putting up with his mouth! Oh yea and Karen is the most sensible one out of them all… LOL with the loser up there saying she needs to shut her mouth. I think she has more balls than anyone of them… Drita just has crap spewing out of her mouth all day long.. Drita put up or shut up! I loved Big Ang may she rest in peace she was one of my favorites but she always took the side of Drita even when Drita was in the wrong! I could tell she played favorites all the time. Carla well I do not like her very much!! Renee is crazy and I like her style but whoaaaa she needs to tone it down a bit, and get over herself.

  2. Samantha

    With big Ang gone, may God rest her soul. If there was no drita Idk if I would watch. No drita no ang not much to watch.. Don’t get me wrong I love the hole show and all the girls bring the real mob wives back and leave all them new girls behind. Forget the Natilies forget Marissa and what’s her face…. get back to the show for day 1 fans thank you.

  3. Jackie brigham

    I really hope we get a season 7… will be so sad without lovely big ang but I hope drita returns cos she,s the reallest one of them all…..I feel like I know them all and they keep me glued so I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already…..too much left undone to just let it finish…..bring the ladies back asap….

  4. Erica B.

    Bring the show back, if Drita doesn’t come back take Natalie Guercio / Ramona

  5. Diane Moss

    Bring the show back. With all of the girls! Drita too! There is too much unfinished business. Big Ang would want this show to carry on. Each lady is special in there own way and they still have so much to share and settle. VH1 better recognize that they have a good show going with these ladies. The two Nats never finished their story. And, Prissy Marissa needs a good slam dunk. Please carry on ladies. WE will be waiting!

  6. Lisa Lucidi

    I would love to see more of the ladies, with or without Drita! Will be missing Big Ang!! Please bring something back!!!!

  7. Wendy Unger

    Would love to see mob wives come back love them all

  8. unfiltered mouth

    without Drita and Big Ang it wont last….no one cares about Karen and how she uses daddies name to stay afloat or Carla and her 2faced friendships or Renee none of them are interesting AT ALL!!!

  9. RC

    Well If Dritas not in it I don’t want nothing to do with it.

  10. Veronica bautista

    U need to look down south like sa tx to put mob wives on ur show apperently drita turn cold on these girls u don’t do that shit for no one

  11. Corrine Bertone

    It won’t last without Drita & especially Big ANG being gone b/c these fake, phony, two-faced high school girls have the loyalty span life of a flea.So it’s only a matter of time until they turn on each other as always with the exception that they don’t have the 2 girls who they would go to ,then turn on them.Famous words on those 3, they are friends when its convient at the time & when it’s longer needed they go back to talking shit & hating everyone starting rumors!!! They have no character was so ever & stand for nothing longer than to get their name out there.They can even be true to themselves & their own word/s.Its sad b/c I really did like everyone .Everyone has shit & no one is perfect but true colors came out & the insides are ugly, malicious , & down right evil on how you guys truly are.For Big ANG ‘s memory, pick up the pieces of ur shattered homes, glue them back together, be truthful to yourselves without editing , make amends , be true in ur apologies ( otherwise shut the f up) & make peace.BECAUSE ONE THING YOUR PRODUCER MIGHT NOT REALIZE YOU CAN GET AMAZING RATINGS WITHOUT TURNING PEOPLE AGAINST EACH OTHER CAUSE JEALOUSY IS UGLY.IT COULD OF BEEN EVEN BETTER WITH THEM MANY GIRLS AGAINST ALL AND IT BEING AND SHOWING LOYALTY FUN AND A FEEL GOOD SHOW IN THE MIX OF SHOWS OF BLEEPING FIGHTING.BE ORIGINAL NOT THAT THEY WOULD NEVER FIGHT BUT NO FIGHT IS WORTH LOSING A FRIEND BUT U DECIDED TO GO WITH ANYTHING NO MATTER WHO WHAT OF HOW IT HURT FOR RATINGS AND THEY ALL HAVE KIDS ..SERIOUSLY AND ESPECIALLY KAREN NEEDS TO SHUT HER MOUTH B/ C THE MORE SHE TALKS THE MORE PROBLEMS WILL COME HER WAY AND SHE HAS NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HERSELF SO STOP WRITING CHECKS YOUR ASS CANT CASH

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