Mob Wives: Sneak Peek 2 Ep 8 Joint Custody

By | February 28, 2013

The second sneak peek is a little sitdown between Carla and Joe about custody of the kids. Carla went to see her attorney and automatically assumes she should get full custody of the kids. Joe wants to know why he can’t have 50% custody. Carla tries to explain to him that if he has the kids half the time he will have to pay her more money. Joe tells “brains” that if he has 50% custody he would be paying less child support. Carla is lost in the legal verbiage. What else is new? Then Carla compliments the house and decor. Joe says Raquel decorated it. Carla makes a face as though someone just passed gas next to her. So much for her apology to Raquel in episode 7. Carla just won’t give the girl a chance! And, once again Joe speaks negatively of Carla, yet the other day he said editing makes good things look bad…and I say, it’s not the editing that makes Carla look bad, it’s Carla.

Video Credit: VH1