Mob Wives: Sneak Peek “Winging It” Ep 311

By | March 22, 2013
Love Majewski’s Veritas Cosmetics Logo

“Carla’s the Target” is the title of this little clip that VH1 has provided as a sneak peek to episode 11, “Winging It.” Drita spoke to Love and feels she has to warn Carla that Love is upset with her because people have been telling her that Carla is bad mouthing. Drita and Ang approach Carla at a party and break the news to her. Carla gets agitated because she says she doesn’t even know Love, so why would she be talking about her? But Love says that Carla does know her. In fact, Carla took her logo, the “wings” from her Veritas Cosmetics company, and used it for her husband’s business. Carla blows a gasket, saying who knew she has a logo, who knew she had a store?

The window of Dr. Ferragamo’s skin center.

Well someone knows the details of the case of the “stolen logo.” Did she or didn’t she use Love’s logo? And has she been running her mouth about Love all over Staten Island? It wouldn’t be the first time one of the mob wives has accused her of talking behind their backs, i.e. Karen, Ramona and Renee. So Carla always has a reputation. Who are we to believe? I can’t wait to see this whole scene and the possible sit down between Carla and Love. The season started with a bang and it’s ending with a BANG!

Mob Mistress’ Take:  “I don’t even know where my damn glasses are & it’s looks like the same damn angel wings to me.  Okay, so I they’re upside down & the dots are missing.”

Video credit: VH1

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