Mob Wives: Weapons of Choice?

By | February 7, 2013
Ramona & Karen on Dr. Drew with her “Brass Knuckle” phone case
This week TMZ reported on a story that Nora Schweichs threatened her live-in “boy toy” with a screwdriver. I can’t say I was surprised after what I have seen on Mob Wives since season one. Many of the Mob Wives have their own preferences when it comes to weapons. The question is would they really use them if push came to shove? Who knows? But as a blogger who has watched the show from day one, I thought it might be fun to go through all the wives and reminisce over the various “weapons” they have used, mentioned or carried with them.
Of course we can’t forget the most recent attack of the “butter knife” by Carla on Renee. Okay so it was a fake attack with a fake weapon, but what can we expect from Carla? Fake…fake…fake…fake…fake.  
Then there is the beautiful and bubbly Love Majewski. We haven’t seen her in action yet, but she has mentioned quite a few things she has used in the past for recreational violence. Among her arsenal we find poison, guns, and a letter opener…whatever happens to be handy and laying around the house. Love is, after all, nothing if not very resourceful. Can’t wait to see what develops in her storyline!
And who can forget Ramona’s cell phone which was encased in brass knuckles? Now that is very efficient because you may forget your brass knuckles at home, but no one in their right mind would go anywhere without their cell phone! Did I mention I want to see more of Ramona on the show! 
Karen is usually level headed and knows she can handle any situation when it comes to people attacking her. However, when she saw that her dear “cousin” Ramona was bleeding during her altercation at Renee’s party, well then she flung the dishes and they flying through the room, like a discus player in the Olympics. Do not mess with Karen’s loved ones!
And Renee, well she feels threatened and her father isn’t home to protect her, so she wants to know which window she should be keeping her loaded gun pointing out of, in case of trouble. I won’t be visiting Renee at night…just sayin’.
And then there is lovely Drita, who used a paint gun on her raccoon mob. Drita has joked about bashing someone’s head in with a wrench, not just any wrench, but a blinged wrench! Of course Drita has used her fists and even took boxing lessons at one point, but certainly not to the extent it made her hands lethal weapons. But as far as I can see, Drita has retired from fighting and someone else will have to step up to the plate and fill the void on the show.
Now that all the ladies all have websites and “stores,” maybe they should sell “weapon charms” on necklaces, or rings, or charm bracelets? What fan wouldn’t want to wear their mob wife’s weapon of choice around their neck? Or if you love them all, get a charm bracelet with all the weapons! As for me, I am going to be glued to season three. I think things are just beginning to heat up and I am going to be looking and listening for more weapons. Hey, you never know when I might need to protect or defend myself! Chirp!
Picture Credit: Dr. Drew