Natalie Guercio continues to reject vicious firing rumors

By | June 26, 2015

Mobwife Natalie Guercio poses for a private photo shoot

Natalie Guercio continues to reject the rumors about her status on the next season of “Mob Wives.” On Thursday, she used her official Twitter account to ask her fans if they were ready for the sixth season of the show. Guercio insists that VH1 and the show’s producers have not notified her about being fired, and she plans to return to the program.

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Despite her claims, other cast members on “Mob Wives” state that she has been fired and blame her inappropriate comments during the previous season. Karen Gravano believes that Guercio is finished because VH1 will not allow her to come back. However, fans point out that Gravano’s feuds with Guercio are obviously affecting her predictions for the sixth season. Guercio previously mentioned that she felt the other cast members attacked her unfairly and ganged up on her.

Gravano claims Guercio is racist and uses some of her comments from the previous season as an example. Although Guercio continues to deny that she is racist, Gravano is not changing her opinion. However, Gravano is only one name on Guercio’s list of enemies. Natalie DiDonato is also angry at her, and the two women had an altercation during a reunion. However, Big Ang may still support Guercio and may not want her to leave the reality show.

Big Ang and Gravano have confirmed they are returning for the sixth season of “Mob Wives.” Renee Graziano is also coming back, but rumors about the other cast members are still circulating online. Guercio is not the only reality star who is being targeted because DiDonato’s future is also being debated. Big Ang recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her throat, but she has been able to return to filming. Although she believes she may need more medical procedures in the future, she does not plan on leaving the show. source: