Natalie Guercio’s Season 6 Exit Because Of Karen Gravano Jealous?

By | August 11, 2015

natalie guercio

The latest “Mob Wives” season 6 spoilers revealed that Natalie Guercio may not be returning to the VH1 series because of her longstanding feud with Karen Gravano. The reality star hinted that the other cast member had been jealous of her, especially those who had no real connection to the mob.

Guercio recently tweeted that her storyline has become “too big” for the others to handle. She hinted that some cast members have gotten jealous of the attention she has been getting.

According to Inquistr, Guercio’s post was in reference to co-star Gravano. The publication pointed out that both stars clashed the entire season 5, adding that their feud continued during the reunion episode. It was said that Gravano has always questioned whether Guercio had real connections to the mob. The reality star speculated that she only wanted to be in the show to gain popularity.

Following Guercio’s cryptic tweet, Gravano retaliated and said that her storyline is far better than her former co-star. She added that the next season of “Mob Wives” is only going to get better, possibly now that Guercio is no longer a part of it.

Meanwhile, the outlet also reported that Guercio has been retweeting posts from fans who were disappointed that she will not be returning to “Mob Wives” season 6. She was allegedly happy that viewers think that the show could get cancelled because of her. She also retweeted posts from fans saying that she should get her own show, adding that they will no longer watch the next season because she is no longer in it. source:

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