Renee Graziano Set To Raise Controversy & Shows off Her Nip & Tuck.

By | May 31, 2016

renee graziano controversy nip and tuckUnpredictable and confrontational, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano is more used suited to brawling than belfies.

What is a “belfie” some may ask? It’s a bottom selfie – a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks. With Renee tipped to become a big name in the UK, why not treat herself to a little nip and tuck?

But the reality starlet gave fans an eyeful when the 48-year-old posted a risqué booty snap. Wearing a snakeskin print swimsuit she showed off her trim legs and rather pert derrière.

She didn’t quite break the internet but she definitely caused a stir on Instagram and users took no prisoners when it came to dragging her down: “Isn’t she like 50 she is to old for this [sic].”

Another wrote: “Hate when people get the fat transfer & they thighs don’t match! Tell them put some in your thighs [sic].”

Well Renee isn’t one to keep her cool and she clapped back to set the record straight:

“For all you nosey f*****s my ass has fat injections by Dr Shanine on NYC.”

The surgery results were flaunted yet again when Renee posted a follow-up snap of her in a yellow bikini with a cutting message to the haters: “Since so many ppl are hung up on my ass @theshaderoom (btw thank u for the love) let me break it down for the last time i had fat transfer 2 years ago which means they took my own fat from my body and rebuilt my booty after the horrible surgery I had.

“Now for all u ignorant ppl implants or silicone injections r fake that’s a foreign substance put into your body like boob implants. All I did was enhance my ass with MY OWN FAT.

“I’m very happy with my body and think Dr Shanine did an amazing job.

“So for all you hating on me with these negative and down right mean comments please worry about more important things like feeding the homeless or giving back to your community. NOT MY ASS!!”

Perhaps a taste of the explosive rows to come when she makes her rumored debut in Celebrity Big Brother.

Mob Wives followed the lives of Staten Island women, their connections to the Mafia and how they deal with life after loved ones are sent to prison for criminal activity.

Known for her no nonsense attitude Renee is sure to be a hit.

The latest series off CBB is set to begin in August so hopefully we’ll be seeing some bikini bod action in the house.

renee graziano enter celebrity big brothersource: dailystar