Renee, Karen & Carla Tease a Big Ang-Inspired Spin-Off (VIDEO)

By | March 9, 2016

big ang inspired spin offIt’s already pretty darn heartbreaking watching Mob Wives after Big Ang’s death. Some fans have expressed they couldn’t handle another season without her.

Before you worry it won’t be the same without our fave larger-than-life gal, hear them out: It’s actually a spin-off inspired by Ang herself!

She ignited the idea during one of the ladies’ final visits to the hospital, a heartwarming moment they say was one of their favorite times together as a group.

Want to hear what Big Ang had in mind? Check out the exclusive video click NEXT>>

3 thoughts on “Renee, Karen & Carla Tease a Big Ang-Inspired Spin-Off (VIDEO)

  1. jilly

    I think this show sounds Fantastic I love LOVE the 3 of you it’s really nice to see you girls together
    But I am worried about Drita being part of it because it seems like she is blaming anything and Everything she can on Karen for no reason at all, And that worries me So even if it’s just you three it would be an Awesome road trip

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