Season 6 Will Continue The Drama Between Natalie Guercio And Didonato? Nat G. Denies Being Fired From The Show

By | June 25, 2015

natalie guercio denies mob wives firing

While news of Natalie Guercio being fired from “Mob Wives” continue to grow rampant, it seemed like there is no truth to it.

Apparently, season 6 will still continue to tell the drama between the Ratalies, Natalie Didonato and Natalie Guercio.

“If I got fired someone failed to notify me,” Guercio posted on Twitter in accordance to the rumors claiming that she got axed from the show, Reality Tea reported.

Karen Gravano, who deliberately expressed her dislike for Guercio, broke the news of Nat G’s firing.
Gravano claimed that Natalie Guercio is “not on the show anymore” allegedly because of her racist comments.

Meanwhile, Renee Graziano, who is believed to be very influencial in the show because of her sister producer, has openly expressed her determination to bring a stop to the whole Natalie D. and Natalie G. fiasco, which basically became the story of “Mob Wives” season 5.

“No, I won’t be having that next season,” she said in an interview with OK! Magazine.

“Even if the old Renee has got to come back, I’m going to step outside, have a conversation with God and control that.
There needs to be a line of respect. And if those two girls want to do whatever they want, they have to do it on their own. In all honesty, this is way deeper. This is more about family, what has happened to our lives because of the lifestyle we chose. This aint’ about a bunch of girls fist fighting, calling each other bitch and whore. It’s not about that…We want to bring it back home. I think we lost it this season, and I can’t have that.”

In addition, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola has also expressed her desire to cut Guercio out of “Mob Wives” season 6 to make way for the original cast members instead.

“We want it to be about us,” she said.
Original cast member Alicia DiMichele is reportedly going to replace Natalie Guercio from the show when “Mob Wives” season 6 and returns, Inquisitr reported. source:

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    She is not an original cast member, Ian.

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    Alicia DiMichele isn’t an original cast member, she joined with Natalie G in season 4 no?

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