Star Natalie Guercio Confirms Season 6 Return

By | June 3, 2015

natalie guercio confirms return

“Mob Wives” star Natalie Guercio confirmed that she will be returning in season 6 of the VH1 reality show. She might have had second thoughts about returning to the series in the previous episodes but she asserted that she has not been fired, contrary to previous reports.

Reported by Reality Tea, Natalie Guercio slammed rumors that she has been fired from “Mob Wives” adding that she will be making her return in season 6. Co-star Karen Gravano was among the first ones to break the news, claiming that she got fired from the show.

“Im surprised Nat G hasn’t been on here crying about how she got fired…the way she conducts herself on twitter you would think she bepopping off,” she posted.
Natalie, however, was quick to come to her defense, and tweeted: “If I got fired someone failed to notify me.”

It has been rumored that Natalie Guercio would be leaving the series after posting a cryptic tweet saying that she wanted to move on.
“I’ve made the conscious decision of starting a new life filled with positive energy. No one can define who I am but me,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, “Mob Wives” co-star Big Ang has also have had it with Natalie Guercio’s behavior.
“The things that come out of her mouth, I’ve never heard half of the things that this girl says. She hits below the belt.”

Despite her recent throat surgery, Big Ang confirmed that she will be returning this season 6. In an interview with Wetpaint, Big Ang said that she will be opening up about her recent surgery in the upcoming season. The VH1 reality star shared that although she’s feeling much better, viewers will get to see how the throat cancer scare has affected her life. She revealed that the camera will be following her in her road to recovery.