The Amazing Race 22: Recap Business in the Front/Party in the Back, Ep 1

By | February 19, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…

This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

This season’s cast includes the following teams and their relationships”
Idries & Jamil – The Twin Doctors                 
Max & Katie – The Newlyweds           
Mona & Beth – The Roller Derby Moms                
Bates & Anthony – The Hockey Brothers           
Chuck & Wynona – The Married Couple            
David & Connor – The Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer – The Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan – The Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie – The Best Friends                  
Jessica & John – The Dating Couple                  
Matthew & Daniel – The Best Friends/Firefighters        

In the first leg of the race, the teams fly from Los Angeles, CA (Griffith Observatory) to Bora Bora (French Polynesia). The teams watch a video clue that will lead them to their next destination. The winners of the first leg of the race win an express pass and an opportunity to give an express pass to another team. The Express Pass, provides the team who earns it, the opportunity to skip a task – a crucial time saver.

Anthony Battaglia shows us his missing teeth – apparently lost in a hockey game.  Ironically, his grandfather’s nickname ‘Teets’, allegedly was given to Sam Battaglia, because he allegedly threatened to knock out people’s ‘teets’.

There are two available flights to Bora Bora and Team Battaglia is on the second flight, which will cost them, in terms of time.

The first roadblock involves skydiving. A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. There is a certain limit on the number of roadblocks that any one person can perform throughout the race.

One member must skydive from a helicopter while the other takes a water taxi to the landing destination in order to receive the next clue.

The brothers muscle in and get their name on the helicopter list for the second crew that arrives. Anthony takes a whack at sky diving while Bates rides with the skipper in the water taxi.

At this point in the race, Jessica and John, the Dating Team, are in first place.

The next roadblock involves searching for a next clue located in one of hundreds of sand castles. Apparently it is very hot and working on the beach seems to be a daunting task. The Battaglia brothers arrive to this task in 6th place and leave in 2nd place and are on the lam moving on to the next destination. They definitely seem to be stand up guys.

The teams must now assemble a Polynesian Outrigger and sail to the pit stop.

Jessica and John are team number one, and win the express pass and the second express pass for another team of their choosing.

Bates and Anthony are Team number 2:
I bet that they have agita after this.

David and Connor are Team number 3:
If Jessica and John stick to their word, this team should get the 2nd express pass.

Pamela and Winnie are Team number 4.
Mona and Beth are Team number 5.
Joey and Meghan are Team number 6.

Chuck and Wyonna are Team number 7:
Wyonna is the late John Wayne’s grand-daughter.

Idries & Jamil is Team number 8.

The following three teams quit their task and two of them will take the penalty:

Max & Katie – team number 9

Caroline & Jennifer:
Caroline is Daniel Boone’s descendent – team number 10

Matthew & Daniel – have been eliminated from the race having ‘technically’ arrived in last place.

Next Week: Episode 2: Loose Lips Sink Ships (or you better follow the Omerta Code of Silence) You know what I mean – you big jamook.

Stay tuned to see if Jessica and John keep their promise to David and Connor or will they be double crossers?

Connor has an accident – can he continue with the race or is he a gonna swim with the fishes?

Watch the Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS, 8/7c.

Written By: Cousin Vinny