The Touching Funeral Service For Big Ang (With Pictures)

By | February 24, 2016

big ang funeral 1

Friends an family were asked to recall their favorite memory of Mob Wives star Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola as she was laid to rest at a funeral service Monday afternoon at Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn, NY.

Over 200 people packed in the church to say their last farewell to Big Ang in her hometown and to celebrate her larger than life personality that everyone who ever came across her, has been touched by.

David L. Cassato conducted a moving eulogy, during which he recalled his own fond memories with his pal.

The priest said: “Big Ang loved, she cried, she laughed, she shared – she was fully human.

“I want everyone to think of their favourite memory of Big Ang. I’m sure everyone has one that is very special, but I’m going to tell you about mine.”

big ang funeral 2

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35 thoughts on “The Touching Funeral Service For Big Ang (With Pictures)

  1. donna

    You were a beautiful lady Angela “BIG ANG” Raiola, you will be missed!

  2. Lynne

    Big Ang was my favorite mob wife.She will be dearly missed.I watched the last season of mob wives and cried when I saw her. God took her home.Ang is an angel watching down.

  3. MARIE

    Big Ang loved your larger than life personality. Admired your honesty and to call it as you saw it. Didn’t know you personally but WOW your death has overcome me with grief. RIP Angela! Fly with the Angels

  4. Diana

    a GREAT LADY with a wonderful personality , she was real and didn’t pull any punches told things the way they were. She will be missed so much and the show will never be the same. Condolences to her family and friends.

  5. rose wewasson

    Still hard to believe she is gone, she touched so many hearts in a big way, she was my favorite on the Mob Wives, she will be Missed dearly by so many, Fly High Big Ang, R.I.P, Beautiful Angel!!

  6. Elaine

    She was truly “One of a Kind”. She was my favorite on Mob Wives because of her wonderful personality. You will be greatly missed. I saved all of the episodes, so that I could watch them without having to go all week til the next one. It’s just not the same. May you Rest in Paradise Big Ang.

  7. Janet McDonough

    What a lady………what a gal……….such a “powerhouse” of a woman, mother, grandmother, wife and sister…..The world will miss you – your life on earth was a class act !

  8. beatrice

    loved big ang…wish she was my friend! RIP ang, you will be missed but never forgotten.

  9. Sherrell Lopez

    You couldn’t help but to fall in love with “big” Ang if you watched Mob Wives…even though you didn’t know her personally. Her larger-than-life personality even shined through the reality show that made her popular. She was the light,the love and the tempermental maturity that glued her friends and castmates together. She’s the one that (sometimes) made it bearable to watch through all of the negativity that seems to pop up constantly. I’m so happy this is the last season for it will definitely NOT be the same without Angela Raiola.

  10. Deb

    RIP Big Ang. you are one of my favorites on the show. Prayers to your family and friends

  11. larry

    I was a very big fan she will be missed she is a angel in hevan now.

  12. Robin* Parravano* Anderson

    Big Ang We Will Always cherish you for the free spirit in you, for your constant loyalty, love, respect….For your laughter and funny responses to all the madness amongst the ladies…For trying to bring peace amongst all these ladies and I hope that they realize just how important this was to Big Ang…She loved everyone and was good to them She Had Heart beyond words and a loyalty you rarely ever see anymore… Big Ang you are an Amazing person that touched the lives of millions of people! As for me and my family, We Love you and miss you greatly, and things will never be the same again…Being raised in an Italian household, I too, along with eight brother’s knew the importance of our family’s Code, and we live by it , we stand by it and we honor it just as We all honor you!
    Spread Your Wings and Soar Angela…..High above in the heavens, as you watch over us all…..R.I.P. Sweet Angel….Our Beautiful, Beautiful Angel….

  13. Julia

    My forever Beautiful Angel , you will always be missed dearly. Rip forever Heaven definitely gained Big Angel I love you Big Ang xoxo Forever in our heart’s. Xoxo

  14. Crystal Judy

    I just lost my mother the day after Christmas this year and its heartbreaking to Big Angs family im deeply sorry for your loss What a beautiful soul gone to son

  15. Jennifer sluiter

    Big Ang I love you to pieces and I don’t even know you….you had the best personality and was an amazing woman…I’m devasting of your passing and I myself find it hard to watch mon wives now….you tried so hard to make peace with everyone and wanted everyone to get along…my heart is heavy and even though I’m agnostic I know your in a beautiful place…RIP beautiful

  16. Melissa West

    To BIG ANG aka THE BOSS in my eyes….you will be missed for sure.You always were the calming voice of reason,unless you really got pissed off!!!! Fly high ANG <3 a gal from Vermont

  17. Melissa West

    Big ANG the larger then life BOSS….her passing has hit my heart like she was my own auntie,watching the show really brings you close to these people.I hope all the ladies can find peace in their hearts and start loving each other just a little more.Tomorrow is never promised, make big ANG proud <3 a gal from Vermont

  18. Erin

    ???????? BIG ANG… BEAUTIFUL INSIDE N OUT???????????????? she was and will be the show !!!! She will be missed.. Hits so close felt like she was a part Of family to all of us… Breaks my heart that she is passed… but I am sure she is shinning in heaven as she did on Earth….. Much love to her whole family n friends and beyind. Rest in peace sweet angel ????????????????

  19. A.

    Big Ang was the absolute best. .It was hard to watch the show after she passed , but it was great to see her just being her.. Angela will be missed and my hopes , because this is the last season is that the girls will come to amends , especially because Big Ang. Wanted that. … my thoughts and prayers are with the 6 grandkids , her children , family , fans and her husband Neil. .. she loved them all and was loved by many. …. Rest In Peace @Bigangvh1. … tell my parents hello!!!

  20. Tammy Shadis

    Ang was such a free spirit and loved by everyone! She brought joy and tried to keep the peace on Mob Wives! She said many times Life is to short! Only the good die young! Rest in peace our Angel and watch over us. I love you Big Ang and my heart goes out to Drita because I know this hit her the hardest. She loved u so much! RIP Beautiful!

  21. Lindsey

    I loved watching her on the show. She had such a huge heart. The ladies of Mob Wives will be lost without her. She was the one who tried to make everyone get along and love each other. Fly high Big Ang! We will always love and miss you.

  22. Lindsey

    I loved watching her on the show. She had such a huge heart. The ladies of Mob Wives will be list without her. She was the one who tried to make everyone get along and love each other. Fly high Big Ang! We will always love and miss you.

  23. Bernadette

    My heart breaks, Big Ang your heart was larger than life itself. God always takes the best and you were the best. I hope you’re dancing in the sky beautiful angel…R.I.P. please say hello to my dad, I’m sure you get to meet him in Heaven

  24. Carrie

    I didn’t know her of course but I am a huge fan of the show and especially Big Ang!!! She was the realest and most outgoing person!! I wish I could have met her. My grandfather passed from the same thing. She will forever live on in our hearts and the show!! RIP beautiful!!

  25. Michelle Salazar

    My condolences to Big Ang family!!! She will truly be missed!! I’m a fan of her shows.. ANG YOU WHERE THE REAL DEAL!!! REST IN PARADISE ????????????

  26. Florrie

    You made that show what it is….
    Big Ang,big mouth,big boobs and the biggest heart ever!!! R.I.P We will miss you ! ????



  28. christine

    Big ang I will always love u n keep your family in my prayer n thank fa being you n nothing more then that so rest in paradise my love

  29. Betty

    Big Ang will always be remembered as the happy, outrageous, , peacemaker.
    Is there anyone who didn’t love her ? Absolutely not ! She was the best !
    RIP Ang

  30. Elaine

    Big Ang, you are now Big Angel. You transitioned to another place that is nothing but beautiful. I will miss you. God Bless your family and know that He will watch over them, protect them and love them. Truly rest in peace.

  31. Terica

    I send my love prayers nd condolences to all of BIG Angs family Friends costars I’m a big fan of the show nd now watchin know in she’s gone is heartbreakin I can not imagine the pain their felling R.I.P Any u will forever b missed I feel like I knew u personally

  32. Sharon Schmidt

    I was so devastated reading the news of Big Ang. My favorite by far in the show. So much love, loyalty, honestly & generosity. Big Ang is a REAL Angel. Breaks my heart deeply. Love, prayers, sympathies & strength to the Famigilia

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