Which Mob Wives Cast Members Ended All Drama After Big Ang passed?

By | February 29, 2016

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The passing of Mob Wives star Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola has resulted in some epic feuds ending… Or, at least, put on hold for now.

It looks as if 2 of Big Ang’s costars have decided to put an end to their drama after Big Ang passed away.

Karen Gravano and Natalie Guercio revealed that they let go of their drama after Big Ang’s funeral last Monday, VH1 reported Thursday.

Gravano said, “We all went and celebrated Ang’s life at the Funky Monkey last night. Carla Facciolo, Jennifer Graziano (who is the creator and executive producer of the show), Natalie Guercio, and a bunch of Ang’s friends were all there. [Natalie] and I put our differences aside. We both laughed and cried. Ang’s favorite saying was ‘Get over it,’ and we got over it because we did it in her honor.”

Gravano went on to say that losing Big Ang definitely changed the way she saw her beef with her co-star.

“When you lose someone close to you, whose heart was filled with so much love, it puts everything into perspective. Natalie and I, we both felt that way. We all drank and shared our moments. We laughed and cried, and we dropped the drama because it wasn’t important.”

Big Ang passed away earlier this month after losing her tragic battle to lung cancer. She received treatment after first being diagnosed last year.

She thought she had been cured from the disease only to find out that it came back. At that point, she was suffering from stage four cancer. It looks like she has still been able to make an impact after her life. source: enstarz.com

5 thoughts on “Which Mob Wives Cast Members Ended All Drama After Big Ang passed?

  1. Robin* Parravano* Anderson

    I truly admired Angela for her determination getting everyone to squash all the little battles, to the all out and out wars between the ladies….She would be very proud of you all I know I am… Life Is too short to waste on he said/she said BS… Embrace the moment you are given, for tomorrow isn’t promised…. Make every day that you live….Count. Lay the daggers down, keep them down, and remember we all Love each and everyone of you just as Angela did! Make her Happy as she did All of us! She was a remarkable person, who I have come to adore and cherish for the rest of my life…. Life after Angela Will Never be the same, for losing her, was losing A family member… My heart is Crushed…. YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED! YOU WERE GREATLY LOVED AND RESPECTED BIG ANG… YOU ARE FOREVER ETCHED IN OUR HEARTS….. LOVE TO HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS….. GOD BLESS YOU ALL….

  2. PepperArden

    This make s me so happy and I imagine Big Ang is smiling as she looks down from Heaven.
    It shows how much they loved there friend that they could let go of it , Take notice Drita life is
    just to short to hold on to a Grudge. LET IT GO!

  3. Rosemarie Winget Morales

    At the end of the day…the girls never really “H A T E D”each other, jus that he say she say BS. BUT, I do believe Big Ang passing made them realize life’s toooo short to sweat the small stuff. I’m going to miss her presence on the sho, when I watch 2moro nites episode . SHE 2 me, seemed to be the peace maker and very nice, caring, loving, strong willed, giving and a heart as big as TEXAS….SHE WILL TRULY BE MISSED…PRAYERS TO FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FANS……..

  4. Devi Dean

    They should ALL squash any beefs they have with each other..I know it may be easier said than done especially with Karen an Drita beef,but that’s what BIG ANG would have wanted,Everybody getting along..

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