Will Drita & Karen Ever Be Friends?

By | February 1, 2016

drita davanzo and karen gravano

Season 6 of “Mob Wives” continues to bring some unforgettable memories to fans of the hit reality show, and while it was initially expected that Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo will possibly resolve their issues, it seems there is no hope for a friendship to be formed between the two anytime soon.

In an interview with Fashion and Style, Gravano explained how she thinks things will go down this season, especially since she is now really good friends with Carla Facciolo, who happens to be D’Avanzo’s former best friend.

Referring to her newfound friendship with Facciolo, Gravano said both of them have learned from the events that went down in the previous seasons. She admitted that there have been really bad times between her and Facciolo, and though she hated her good friend for not believing her regarding D’Avanzo and her lies, she does respect her for being a loyal friend.

Gravano told Facciolo that she respects her loyalty toward D’Avanzo and as much as she hates the latter, Facciolo doesn’t need to be involved in the angst and hatred. “I said, ‘Listen, I apologize for what I said…I can’t be mad at you because you’re a loyal friend…And that’s why we can put everything aside and grow…'” she explained.

Obviously, the two are now really good friends, and through her statements, it seems whatever she has with Facciolo won’t really be anything she can offer for D’Avanzo.

While it’s still too early to say Gravano and D’Avanzo won’t try to patch things up, fans will just have to wait for the upcoming episodes to find out if the latter will find another person to replace Facciolo as her bestie.

Meanwhile, Gravano is also engaged in a battle against another cast member Victoria Gotti. It turns out the Gottis are giving off some information about Gravano’s motion to possibly shorten her father’s time behind bars. The said information is crucial in the process and shouldn’t really be spread around town. source: christianpost.com